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The news never stops but sometimes we do. On vacation until May 16, 2011. Thanks for tuning in!



RIM Said Weighing Bid to Top Google $900M Offer for Nortel Patents

Google is Shutting Down Google Video

Yuri Gagarin’s Flight Remembered on 50 Year Anniversary of Historic Moment

Cisco Stopping Flip Cam Production

Steve Jobs’ Authorized Biography Debuts Next Year

Woz Says He’d Mull Return to Apple if Asked

Larry Page, Back as Google CEO, Shakes Up Top Ranks

YouTube Rolling Out Live Streaming Video

Justice Dept. Approves Google Deal to Buy Travel Search Software Firm ITA

Viacom, Time Warner Cable swap suits over iPad streaming TV

Android Top Selling US Mobile Platform

Huge Private Rocket Could Send Astronauts to the Moon or Mars

Hulu on Pace for $1B in Revenue for 2011

Texas Instruments to Buy National Semiconductor for $6.5B

Apple’s Influence on Nasdaq-100 Index Slashed

Google Said to Be Possible Target of U.S. FTC Antitrust Probe

Salesforce Buys Radian 6, Enhances Social Media Tools

Eateries Aren’t Always Fans of Groupon

Breach by Epsilon Email Service Exposes Chase, Capital One, TiVo Customers; List Still Growing

Android Is Destroying Everyone, Especially RIM — iPhone Dead In Water

1 in 5 US Moms Have Kids with Multiple Dads, Study Says

New Studies on Alzheimer’s Uncover Genetic Links Founder Bob Parson Criticized for Elephant-Hunting Video

Massive SQL Injection Attack Underway; 694K URLs so Far

April Fools 2011: The Big List