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The news never stops but sometimes we do. On vacation until May 16, 2011. Thanks for tuning in!



Videos From bin Laden’s Hide-Out Released

Taliban Confirms bin Laden’s Death; Issues Stern Warning to US

More Deaths at the Hand of Assad’s Forces on Syria’s ‘Day of Defiance’

Gaddafi Destroys Misrata Rebels’ Fuel Supply in Air Raid

18 Famous, and Infamous, Missions

Mashaal: Palestinians’ Common Enemy is Israel

Pakistan Dismayed at U.S. Claim it was Lax on bin Laden Intelligence

Despite Rapid Growth, India Lets its Girls Die

Turkey’s PM Erdogan Urges Col Muammar Gaddafi to Quit

More Than 1,000 Anti-Government Protesters Detained In Syria

Netanyahu, in Meeting with Blair, Urges Abbas to Nix Unity Pact with Hamas

Osama bin LadenOsama Bin Laden Killed by US Troops; Body Buried At Sea

NATO Airstrike Kills Al Qathafi’s Youngest Son and Three Grandsons

In Shift, Egypt Warms to Iran and Hamas, Israel’s Foes

‘Differences’ Emerge in Top Iran Leadership

More Shelling Hits Syrian Town of Deraa During Funeral Procession – 4 Dead

Libyan Rebels Reject Muammar Gaddafi’s Ceasefire Offer

Afghanistan: Taliban Announce Spring Offensive

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood to Run Candidates for Half of Parliament

The Royal Wedding – the Kiss Seen Around the World

Pope John Paul Body Exhumed Ahead of Beatification

Bahrain: Military Court Sentences Four Protesters to Death

Fatah and Hamas Announce Palestinian Unity Goverment

World Awaits Britain’s Royal Wedding

Eight Nato Troops Shot Dead by Afghan Pilot Following Argument