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The news never stops but sometimes we do. On vacation until May 16, 2011. Thanks for tuning in!


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The Atomic Samurai of Japan

Much has been said about the tremendous tragedy that has befallen Japan, and much has been said about the immense poise with which Japanese citizens have addressed these tragedies. I have been pondering this post for a number of weeks, in particular after I first stumbled across the phrase “Atomic Samurai.” The idea of the [...]

3 Wars In One Decade? What Are We Doing?

For many of us Saturday proved to be a particularly interesting evening with regard to US news. In particular I’m referring to our recent engagement with Libya. Over the course of a decade we have managed to enter into conflicts first with Iraq, under dubious circumstances, and more recently with Afghanistan as our primary theater [...]

Teachers and The NFL: The Absurd Contrast of Two Labor Negotiations

Wisconsin teachers and NFL players do not ordinarily lend themselves to comparison but these are strange times we live in.  As circumstance would have it, both of these groups are at the forefront of the news here in America. One group, our teachers is at the center of the story circle in Wisconsin with clear national implications. [...]

I’ll See Your Wisconsin and Raise You A Government Shutdown!

The nation is very focused on Wisconsin right now. It promises to get ugly – not physically ugly but certainly a political bloodbath. We have teachers on one side, a group that is either way underpaid or a group that is out of control (depending on who you ask) and on the other side you [...]

World Interfaith Harmony Week Opens To Grisly Sectarian Violence

This week, newsreaders brave enough to watch the Human Rights Watch video shuddered as they witnessed the graphic February 6 lynching of followers of minority sect Ahmadiyah, attacked by a machete-wielding mob of Indonesian Muslims as they prepared to worship in a Banten, West Java neighborhood.  Two days later, angry mobs in Temanggung, Central Java [...]

Superbowl Today and the World Shrugs

This year there doesn’t seem to be the usual excitement around the Superbowl. Why is that? Okay. Let me say right now I love the Superbowl. As I’ve gotten older and my life has matured (you can read that as married with two kids) I’ve been forced to make choices about what to do with [...]

Are the Packers Just a Sexy Pick or Can They Win?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a better record than The Green Bay Packers.  They beat much better teams in the playoffs.  They’ve had great success in close games.  Their offense is well balanced and their defense is truly dominant.  They also have a clutch quarterback with two Super Bowl rings and a long list of big [...]

The Devil You Know: Does The U.S. Really Want Democracy In The Muslim World?

For years, skeptics in the United States have doubted the existence of the so-called moderate Muslim.  Just where are these middle class Arabs we keep hearing about who just want peace and democracy instead of holy war?  Well, we’ve now heard these pro-democracy Muslims make some noise – Tunisian protestors ousted their dictator within a [...]

Tiger Woods: Odds on Favorite to Win $954,000 at Torrey Pines

Farmers Insurance Open 2011 / Thurs. Jan 27 – Sunday Jan 30 2011 / Torrey Pines Golf Course La Jolla, Ca. Tiger Woods is the heavy favorite heading into this weeks show down at Torrey Pines.  Phil Mickelson playing on his local course is still a distant second behind Woods.  The rest of the underdog [...]

January 20, 2011 – What A Day for News

I’ve been running this site for a few years now, and I have to say that for whatever reason today was just a really wild day for news. Not to get too ‘inside baseball’, but every morning I typically do my main round of updates. Usually there are a number of really interesting stories that [...]

Sarah Palin Overload also Known as Palinitis…

I’ve had it. Enough with Sarah Palin.  I will admit it.  I am suffering from a severe case of ‘Palinitis’ – an extreme over-saturation of Sarah Palin, a public figure that somehow has managed to capture so much national attention much to my continued amazement. Sadly, our nation has just had another tragedy (I’m talking [...]

Football + TV + The Internet = The Perfect Storm

Football, TV and the Internet have created the “Perfect Storm”. Football continues to dominate American TV and American Culture.  The most visible evidence of football’s dominance can be seen in TV ratings.  Football out performs all categories of TV (not just sports) in any time slot it’s placed.  Sunday afternoon is still the mecca but [...]

The Yuppie is Dead. Where Did They All Go?

Of the many stories being reported on during the Great Recession, one we are not hearing much about is the plight of the Yuppie. It was not to long ago that this class of human was set to own the world. Instead, the closest resemblance we seem to have today is a young and broke [...]

2011 Sports: Will The Kardashian-ization Ever End?

ESPN (Entertainment Sports Network)  Entertainment Entertainment Entertainment This is of course where it all started.  This is where Deion Sanders turned into Neon Deion, this is where he then turned into “PrimeTime”.   Why did he turn into PrimeTime? Because ESPN and America absolutely loved it!  We loved the gold chains, we loved the mercedes golf [...]

The MostMost for 2010 – Our Annual Wrap Up of the Year

At the end of every year it seems like the common refrain is always “What A Year”.  2010 certainly had it’s moments.  So here is our list of “The MOST for 2010″ – the biggest stories of the year broken down by each of main verticals we cover on a daily basis. Most USA: Gulf [...]

Mandatory Most: The Winner Is Haiti

By Kathryne Gadarian I really didn’t want to write the run-of-the-mill-top-story-of-2010 blog post on New Year’s Eve, but my boss told me that I had to put in at least one paragraph.  And since it’s usually me who bosses him around (he’s my husband), I thought it only fair and in the holiday spirit to [...]

Why the Saints Are All Set to Repeat

Guest Post by Peter Falconer. All you Saints fans, make sure to visit Peter’s New Orleans Saints blog. It’s been a strange old season. Some no-hopers jumped out to great records and have faded whilst America’s team seem to have imploded when they were many people’s tip for the Super Bowl. There is however one [...]

Video of the Metrodome Collapse

This is a Must Watch – Video of the Metrodome collapse following this weekends big winter storm. Needless to say, there was no game this weekend…. NFL on FOX: Metrodome collapse (courtesy of Fox Sports)

Epic Trick Play in Pee Wee Football

Football season is upon us. If you were watching the NFL this week, you might have seen a pretty nice trick play performed by the Cleveland Browns against the ever ready New England Patriots, but that has nothing on what this group of pee wee leaguers managed to pull off. Not sure if this play [...]

Election Season Fatigue

The sky is falling on America depending on who you ask… The Republicans will tell you yes indeed it is. The Democrats will say the same.  They will also say that it is not their fault.  They will also tell you that if you vote for them it will all change.  OK.  That’s fine if [...]

Live Video Feed of Chilean Miners Being Freed

Tune in to watch the Chilean miners being freed, live in real time. Courtesy of CBS News and UStream.

Graphic Video of Teacher in Syria Beating Students

Most mornings I’m up early. Scouring the news. That would make sense considering I run this site. On occasion there are stories that I see that really are unsettling. Up to now, while I’ve always posted these stories as I’ve deemed appropriate but I’ve also refrained from blogging about them. As of this morning I’ve [...]

Fresh From the ‘Glee’ Set, Britney Spears Encounters Sex Allegations

by Jason Kasperski. Entertainment Editor of MostMost As Entertainment Editor for this website I have to make daily decisions as to what the hottest show business stories of the day are. More often than not, I find myself confronted with a stark choice: the latest fluff from the studio or network publicity mills, or actual [...]

The Jersey Shore Solution: How Every Country Can Learn To Love Its Minorities

By Kathryne Gadarian, World News Editor for This has been a tough year for immigrants.  France is dismantling Roma camps and forcibly deporting them to Romania, even in defiance of its own court of law. The EU is considering giving known terrorist  Muammar Gaddafi  5 billion euros a year to (in his words) keep [...]

Football Season Is Upon Us. The NBA Has Soured Me.

by David Gadarian. Founder of MostMost Once again America is ready to partake in the great festival that is NFL and yet much like most everything else in our country, this season seems to be opening on a downer. Whether it has to do with Big Ben being suspended for the first four games this [...]