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The Atomic Samurai of Japan

Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Workers WorkersMuch has been said about the tremendous tragedy that has befallen Japan, and much has been said about the immense poise with which Japanese citizens have addressed these tragedies. I have been pondering this post for a number of weeks, in particular after I first stumbled across the phrase “Atomic Samurai.” The idea of the “Atomic Samurai” immediately captured my imagination and garnered my immediate respect. It’s the sort of thing you might expect to read in a comic book or see in a science fiction film, but in fact this is real, and these men are genuine heroes.

The “Atomic Samurai”, also known as the “Fukushima 50” because there shifts are in 50 man groups, are the gentlemen at the Fukushima nuclear power who have agreed to stay behind and continue their work to save the three plants and to avert an even greater global tragedy. The manner in which the entire nation of Japan has conducted itself in the face of this immense tragedy has rightly garnered global respect, and yes there have been countless selfless acts but in particular the “Atomic Samurai” have gone way beyond and in truth have served for me at least as a true inspiration of all that is right and man.

These gentlemen, estimated to be about 180 and number, seem to be somewhat resigned to their fate as they recognize they are likely either facing short-term or long-term terminal prognoses due to excessive radiation exposure. As one can imagine given the gravity of the situation, there are a number of extremely moving quotes. In addition not only have these gentlemen put their own lives on the line but they have also asked that their immediate families assume massive responsibilities in order for these “Samurai” to fill their roles.

Of course we all wish these men and their families and the citizens of Japan speedy return to some semblance of normalcy and to good health. We hope to soon be hearing of good things from Japan rather than continued tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Photo Credit: AFP

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