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I’ll See Your Wisconsin and Raise You A Government Shutdown!

The nation is very focused on Wisconsin right now. It promises to get ugly – not physically ugly but certainly a political bloodbath. We have teachers on one side, a group that is either way underpaid or a group that is out of control (depending on who you ask) and on the other side you have a new form of governance that seems willing to go against collective bargaining agreements that have been years in the making for the sake of “the people.” How this will play out is hard to determine, but if I’m looking a the news coverage and reading comments it does appear to be favoring the teachers right now. But that is beside the point.

I’m not saying who is right or wrong here but I do think the last time we saw this song played on the juke box the escalations continued right up until the government “shutdown.” It does appear that we are heading in that direction again. And this is the point.

Maybe it is health care. Maybe it is a state (think CA or NY) filing for bankruptcy. Maybe it is another massive fall in the stock market. Maybe it is another major scandal. Maybe it is as simple as our two main political parties really despise one another. Whatever the reason, it does appear that a government shutdown is on the way.

As an interested outside observer I can’t help but ask the question why? I also can’t help but feel that after the past two years, having first ushered in “Hope and Change” only to learn how effective “No” can be with a culmination in 2010 it does appear that “elections have consequences” and yes, as a result of the past two election cycles, both of which appear to have more to do with not voting for something rather than for it, the inevitable result is we are looking at a shutdown.

The last time this played out we ended up with a two term president (and I’ll come out here and state an opinion – I thought Bill Clinton was a great President) but we also were left with a very palpable feeling that our government was considerably more concerned with herself rather than her citizens. As we head into March I have a suspicion that our government will again behave in a similar manner, and policy ramifications aside, the biggest disappointment with a government shutdown will be much more personal, and it is something that much like the last time, everyone American will take very personally.  Why is my government doing this to ME?

We elect people into office and we expect them to do more, to be better and to somehow elevate our own perception of ourselves and our nation, and yet we usually find that these same people are all too human. We expect them to care. We expect them to go way beyond 140 characters. We expect our government to display compassion. We expect our elected leader to exercise common sense. We expect these officials to lead.

Instead we get political theater. Sunday morning promises to be interesting….

By David Gadarian

Founder of MostMost

Posted on Friday, February 18th, 2011 Both comments and pings are currently closed.

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