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Superbowl Today and the World Shrugs

This year there doesn’t seem to be the usual excitement around the Superbowl. Why is that?

Okay. Let me say right now I love the Superbowl. As I’ve gotten older and my life has matured (you can read that as married with two kids) I’ve been forced to make choices about what to do with my time. One choice I’ve always made is that I’m going to get excited about the Superbowl. I love the game. I get into the drama. I get into the stories. I’m also very interested in marketing so I love seeing not only what the league does with the game, but also how their partners (advertising brands) integrate into the game and how the NFL continues to really define the curve in terms of big sports staying modern and relevant. But this year there doesn’t seem to be the usual excitement around the game. Why is that?

I think there are a few big factors weighing in, and the two biggest ones have nothing to do with the NFL. Those being what is happening in Egypt – which is completely dominating the news cycle. The other being the weather here in the US. Brutal snowfall that has been somewhat relentless – now we are talking about roof collapses and snow whenever we are not talking about Egypt.

Combined with the fact that these teams are in relatively small markets you don’t have a great NFL Superbowl situation. I also have a suspicion that a good number of NFL fans are having a hard time getting behind BenRoethlisberger – he’s definitely heading to Canton but his personal record remains to be seen. Aaron Rogers is just a mystery to most people – great story for many fans nothing exciting to get behind.

Not so sure – just take a look at virtually every online news publication – the lead story on Superbowl Sunday is not the Superbowl – it’s Egypt. Go ahead and look for yourself.

Fox News (and by the way, the game this year is on Fox!
New York Times

USA Today does have the Superbowl in the lead story position as of the time of this article.

We’ll see what tonights ratings reveal.

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By David Gadarian
Founder of MostMost

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3 Responses to “Superbowl Today and the World Shrugs”

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  2. John Madden says:

    Pittsburgh and Green Bay are small market cities, but they are both huge football towns with huge fan bases respectively. Mr. Turducken thinks the ratings will be strong. It’s shaping up to be a great match up between two historic franchies.

  3. David Gadarian says:

    @johnmadden let’s hope so. A good Superbowl is good for the country, but I’m not seeing the excitement there that I’ve seen for Superbowl’s past.