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The Yuppie is Dead. Where Did They All Go?

Of the many stories being reported on during the Great Recession, one we are not hearing much about is the plight of the Yuppie. It was not to long ago that this class of human was set to own the world. Instead, the closest resemblance we seem to have today is a young and broke class of iPhone toting, jeans and sneakers wearing 20 something year olds all hoping to secure valuations mostly on ideas that seem to exist solely in publications like Fast Company.

So what happened to the Yuppie, a once promising breed of super human?

Well the short story is that the Yuppie has always coveted upper middle management (once upper management has been secured the Yuppie distinction was suddenly beneath you) and these positions have been marginalized by businesses looking for greater efficiency, thus the Yuppie is no longer. That’s right, I have declared that as result of the Great Recession the Yuppie is now extinct. I know your first reaction is probably good riddance, but let me assure you, the Yuppie, with all it’s pretense and fabrication was also a great indicator of how well our economy was doing.  Sadly one of greatest economic canary birds is dead!

Certainly people still are overpaying for things in order to achieve status, but those people are no longer Yuppies – those rare few who have the purchasing power and the stomach for high end goods have made a concerted attempt to climb into the elite status of our society. Or they’ve elected to adopt other postures such a Chic, Casual, Business or even for a minute ‘Emo‘. But definitely not Yuppie.

As for the rest of the Yuppies, where are they? Well some of them have been forced to do the unthinkable in the go go days, and they have started their own businesses. Others have left their inner city comfort zones and have moved back home with the folks. Others have matured into adulthood with adult responsibilities such as kids and mortgages. And still others are now begrudgingly working in the dreaded family business making what their parents call an honest living.

As for the rest of them, they have gone into deep hiding and I suspect that by the time a new class of Yuppie emerges our current crop will be old gray haired folks heading into retirement. Yet another casualty of our Great Recession.

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