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2011 Sports: Will The Kardashian-ization Ever End?

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This is of course where it all started.  This is where Deion Sanders turned into Neon Deion, this is where he then turned into “PrimeTime”.   Why did he turn into PrimeTime? Because ESPN and America absolutely loved it!  We loved the gold chains, we loved the mercedes golf cart, we loved the high steps into the end zone and we loved the obnoxious post game interviews.  If we didn’t love it ESPN wouldn’t have played the Neon Deion clips over and over and over again.  It was comedy, sports, theater, and pop culture all wrapped into one. 30 years later this nonsense that sports purists despise is everywhere and it’s in our faces constantly.

First we were ESPNed now we’ve been TMZed, Deadspined and Page Sixed.

This is where we are people and it’s only getting worse.

Its gone from word of mouth to newspapers to radio to tv to cable tv to the internet to reality tv to blogs to twitter to where we are now-Sports Smut! it’s all about the smut, who’s on drugs, who’s a whore, who’s a criminal, who’s on steroids, whose the latest athlete to show his family jewels on the internet, who’s getting sued, who’s getting divorced, who’s carrying a gun, who’s going to jail, who’s dating who (old news; Joe Dimaggio and Marilyn Monroe started that one).  Ok, lets stop there with Joltin’ Joe and Marilyn Monroe.

Newsweek Cover of Monroe and DiMaggio

My first instinct was to say- if this couple were alive and dating today they’d be far bigger than Tom Brady and Gisele.  They’d be everywhere especially the tabloids because Joe and Marilyn loved to go clubbin’.  They ran with their Rat Pack friends who drank, smoked, and whored it up from Hollywood to Miami to Atlantic City to New York and eventually to Reno.  This shows that the people have not changed much.  What has changed though are the outlets in which we report these people.  So instead of thinking how different things would have been for the famed volatile couple today- I think of how different things would have been if ESPN, PageSix TMZ or existed in 1953.  I most certainly would have walked into the “500 Club” in Atlantic City with a spy cam hidden in the carnation on my lapel.  Oohh how that footage would make me rich. I would sell these videos to the Saturday Evening Post for a few thousand dollars.  Then I’d be rollin’ !

These changes to our sports society come down to one thing:  TECHNOLOGY. This is where we are and this is where we’re headed- deeper and deeper into the depths of TECHNOLOGY !!!

Now turn off your phone or computer or iPad and tell someone how sweet it was watching Roger Clemons break strikeout records as a skinny kid in Boston.  You can say that this was before he took steroids, he was probably only hopped up on amphetamines at the time….On second thought, no one cares about that, just show them the link below it’s much more entertaining than some boring story about the best junkie pitcher of our generation.

Mike Forte…  just bloggin’


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5 Responses to “2011 Sports: Will The Kardashian-ization Ever End?”

  1. Nice post! But if there were no how would I get my sports news…

  2. Mike Forte says:

    Thanks Kathryne, you raise a good point. I’d suggest getting your top headline sports news from mostmost.

  3. The Backstop says:

    There’s nothing worse than watching an average defensive player make a tackle while his team is losing, then he gets up dancing and taunting the other guy. This is a great example of how/when this annoying behavior started.

    Football and hoops just kill time till hardball starts. Pitchers and catchers… Hurry up!!!

  4. Lawmen says:

    Nice Blog. What about Broadway Joe with his fur coats and finest fashions?

  5. Mike Forte says:

    Broadway Joe, a real rebel rouser! He would be in very bad trouble today. Brett Favre’s “bad intentions” would seem pretty tame in comparison to Joe’s shenanigans. Can you imagine his text messages, wowza!