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The MostMost for 2010 – Our Annual Wrap Up of the Year

At the end of every year it seems like the common refrain is always “What A Year”.  2010 certainly had it’s moments.  So here is our list of “The MOST for 2010” – the biggest stories of the year broken down by each of main verticals we cover on a daily basis.

Most USA: Gulf Oil Spill

.  Not much needs to be said here as sadly, the Oil Rig disaster in the Gulf was the Most USA for 2010.  Let’s hope certain parties don’t try to sweep under the rug the lasting damage that this has had on both our economy and on our environment.

Runner up is President Barack H.Obama.  Has he lost his touch?  Did the November elections signal the beginning of the end for him?  Is his legislative ability to govern back?  Is he in touch with “the people”.  Are his goals to left wing?  Does he need to focus on his base more or play to the middle?  Was the stunning November election losses by Democrats at the hands of the Tea Party just the opening he needs in order to govern?  Is he good for the economy?  Is he good for America’s global standing?  Does he have a clue?  Is the LANDMARK health care legislation going to be the thing he is most remember for?  Does he golf too much?  Do Chicago style politics work in our nations capital?  Is he going to get reelected?

Most World:  Haiti:

 Runner Up: Religious Violence around the world.  Our Most World Editor Kathryne has a detailed write up on Haiti here.  In terms of global religious violence, let’s just hope that rather than a story like this, we have a positive story leading the World News Most section at the end of 2011. Overall it does appear the world seems a little less stable. Last’s year’s Most World was Iran and they still seem to be occupying much of the world’s interest with nothing seemingly good coming from this nation.

Most Business:  Uncertainty.

   Could be jobs, could be housing, could be oil prices, and with our economy still teetering the most could easily be the economy but all these areas are very cloudy.  If you read the U.S. news year round you are hard pressed to believe anything – one day the economy looks like it is in recovery mode, the next we are about the face the dreaded double dip.  Internationally the story is no better – in Europe in particular it feels like with the exception of Germany they are on the brink of collapse – Greece and Ireland are probably only the beginning.  No clue what is happening in the tightly controlled China – are they doing well are is this the biggest ponzi scheme the world has ever seen?  Are jobs coming back.  Are people buying homes again or are they moving in with relatives?  Is your pension safe or will it bust?  When will you be able to retire?  2010 was a very unsettling year – what you thought was, likely no longer is.

Most Sports: Tiger Woods.

 He actually takes the Most two years running and his story was just unfolding in 2009.  This year he finalized a divorce with Elin, he lost a few more endorsement deals, and he is no longer the worlds best golfer.

An honorable Most Sports mention goes to Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints.  What a great story.  Especially considering all the hard times the city of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana have faced over the past few years.  We are all pulling for you guys down there! Manny Pacquio continues to be a great story as well.

Most Entertainment:  The Internet:

 All the major media companies continue to scramble to find methods in which they can support “their” system in the face of an ever formidably competitor – that being YOU!  The internet, with all its tools, platforms, delivery options and social mechanisms has Hollywood scrambling big time.  As the media conglomerates continue to try to determine new paywalls and billing structures, their market and mind share continues to erode.  It turns out YOU are all very talented and so many of YOU have the ability to make really compelling and engaging content.  The next big hit is only a click away…

Let’s hope the world has not tired of Lady Gaga as she certainly continues to find her way through our crazy world, meat dresses and all!

Most Technology: Stuxnet:

This impressive virus has been rumored to have set the Iranian Nuclear program back by as many as two years.  This virus is also likely a portend of things to come as nations develop more modern means of making war.  In the private sector we’ve also seen a mirror of this with some of the fallout by some activist supporting the WikeLeaks founder.

Facebook was a close second as this has clearly been the year of the social network – just ask Time Magazine

Most Web: The Bed Intruder Song

Here is an embed in case you’ve missed it, or perhaps just need to see it again.

Honorably mention to Double Rainbow.

MostMost 2009:

Most USA: President Barack Obama
Most World: Iran
Most Business: The Economy
Most Sports: Tiger Woods
Most Entertainment: Michael Jackson
Most Sciene/Tech: Water on the Moon
Most Web: Twitter

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