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Why the Saints Are All Set to Repeat

Guest Post by Peter Falconer. All you Saints fans, make sure to visit Peter’s New Orleans Saints blog.

It’s been a strange old season. Some no-hopers jumped out to great records and have faded whilst America’s team seem to have imploded when they were many people’s tip for the Super Bowl. There is however one team out there that no one is really talking about and yet they could well blow everyone away on route to a Super Bowl repeat.

I am of course talking about the New Orleans Saints and here’s why. Last year the Saints were all about offense. They destroyed people through the air and on the ground. The laser accurate passing of Drew Brees to his talented receiving corps was matched by a ground game that featured the bull (Mike Bell), the artisan (Pierre Thomas) and the ballerina (Reggie Bush). The Gregg Williams defense complimented the O with big plays when it mattered. Yes they gave up big yards but gambled and won the take away race more often than not to get the ball back in the hands of Sports Illustrated’s ‘Sportsman of the Year’ Drew Brees.

2010 somewhat different

This year is a different story. Sean Payton’s team have been indifferent at times but here’s the killer no one is really talking about, they have an 8 and 3 record. Now think about all championship teams over the ages. The real ones, the ones who last are the ones who win even when they’re playing badly and boy have the Saints looked bad at times. Against the Vikings and Niners in the opening two weeks the Saints looked anything but Super Bowl champions as they battled their way to a 2 and 0 start.

In the win over lowly Carolina they were indifferent in spells as they were against the Cowboys on Thanks Giving Day when they almost blew a decent lead save for a Malcolm Jenkins miracle strip at the end of the game. But that’s my case in point. Last year they won a lot of games easy, jumping out to big leads never to look back. This year they’ve walked up and down the field on offense only to stutter in the red zone. And yet they’ve continued to pull wins out the bag thanks to some incredible hustle from a much improved defense.

Saints defense keeping it together

To date it’s been the Saints defense who have been keeping the Saints in contention whilst the O has been spluttering. This despite having one of the most banged up secondaries in league history, an outside linebacker who can’t tackle (Scott Shanle) and a D line with two new starters. In fact, given the personnel the Saints have started many games with, it’s a wonder the Saints are even still in contention. But there’s the rub, they are and now the O is starting to play high octane football once again.

Look out league!

Which is why I say that if I was a betting man I wouldn’t even bother covering the odds and hedging my bets. I would move all my chips into the box labelled Saints Super Bowl champions because there’s only one team in it. Drew Brees is back firing lasers, the receiving corps are all healthy and productive and feature the most under appreciated wide man in the league Marques Colston. Add to that the fact Jeremy Shockey and Reggie Bush are back from injury with Pierre Thomas only a week away and, oh what’s this, the Saints have discovered the rookie back of the draft in Chris Ivory? Get out of here.

Don’t even talk about any other NFC contenders because it’s not happening. The Saints offense is on fire and now they have a championship like, gang tackling, ball robbing, mean defense to go with it. If they can manage to find a solution to their kick and punt coverage there will be no stopping this team.

That for me is why I say Two Dat, Two Dat, Two Dat say dey gonna go beat dem Saints!

Peter Falconer is the author of the New Orleans Saints, NFL blog dedicated to all things New Orleans Saints and Drew Brees. He sounds off about Saints players, the roster, schedule and stories as well as the many political flip flops his local Congressman seems to make week in week out. Little wonder he’s bought said Congressman a new pair of Havaianas for Christmas!

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