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Election Season Fatigue

The sky is falling on America depending on who you ask… The Republicans will tell you yes indeed it is. The Democrats will say the same.  They will also say that it is not their fault.  They will also tell you that if you vote for them it will all change.  OK.  That’s fine if you want to believe that… but the level of noise has become deafening and while the messaging might (or might not) be relevant, the amount of messaging has me left with some severe election fatigue.

You turn on the news and for sure you can hear this load and clear – and why not – it makes for a great story. Not to mention these same news casters are generally paid pretty handsomely (Juan Williams just bounced back with a 3 year $2M deal on Fox after being fired by NPR…) and so the better the story the more the interest – the more the interest the more these interested parties are in advertising. The more these same news casters can then turn around and negotiate for more money….

That is not to in any way mitigate the importance of this year’s election cycle but it

is becoming increasingly hard to remain interested when the guy who came in under the ‘hope and change’ banner has now suddenly 18 months later had a hard time affecting much in the way of change over the past 6 months and certainly if we’re going to listen to most of the main stream media, has left us all considerably less hopeful.  Obama’s win was the most historic election of our times, and now not even half way through his first term… the sky is falling and it’s all his fault?  A great story.

If I’m going to hope for one thing come December 2010 that would be for the restoration of sanity of some kind – I think the American people need it – times are tough enough without all this distracting political theater – I HOPE these elected officials will quickly come back to the idea of governance rather than focusing on partisan bickering.  I also know that is unlikely but at least following this upcoming election all the ads will disappear and the big story will be something much more relevant like how the upcoming holiday season is poised to be a disaster (and yes, depending on who you’ll ask this is either Obama’s fault or the result of a do-nothing Republican party….)

Unfortunately we are already entering the next great chapter in this story – the great Obama comeback… but not before the incoming new guys beat him up a bit more and then more talking heads, more political ads and more sound bites… and oh yes, MORE MONEY!

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