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Graphic Video of Teacher in Syria Beating Students

Most mornings I’m up early. Scouring the news. That would make sense considering I run this site.

On occasion there are stories that I see that really are unsettling. Up to now, while I’ve always posted these stories as I’ve deemed appropriate but I’ve also refrained from blogging about them. As of this morning I’ve decided to take a different approach, thus my blog post today.

A quick warning, the video is extremely unsettling. I originally saw this story on the New York Times and while the Times’ angle was more focused on repression of media, I instead would like to focus on the children who are in the original video which gave the Times a tangible angle to write from.

Here it is on Facebook. Enough to make you cry.

If you take the time to read through some of the comments of Facebook, you will see a mix of shock as well as anti-Muslim sentiment. I think the shock is warranted. As far as the anti-Muslim sentiments, I would only say that it feels very misplaced. While I am writing this from America, where I am led to believe this sort of behavior happens in our classrooms by our teacher, I do have to wonder how often this is the ‘norm’ across the rest of the world.

Not sure where to go from here with this article and I’m sure as you’re watching this from the comfort of where ever you are you too will feel a sense of helplessness (I know I did), but I suppose that is a start.

David Gadarian

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