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Fresh From the ‘Glee’ Set, Britney Spears Encounters Sex Allegations

by Jason Kasperski. Entertainment Editor of MostMost

As Entertainment Editor for this website I have to make daily decisions as to what the hottest show business stories of the day are. More often than not, I find myself confronted with a stark choice: the latest fluff from the studio or network publicity mills, or actual hard-news items regarding the arrest of some young, nubile paparazzi sensation.

It feels like working the city desk for a large metropolitan daily because the crime beat and the entertainment beat have lately become synonymous, with the list of perps long, and growing even longer.

Fresh from the set of ‘Glee’, where an entire episode was written around her, pop star Britney Spears denied accusations by a former bodyguard that she caused him emotional distress. Evidently, she paraded herself around in the nude and had sex with other men in front of him.

A statement posted Thursday on the 28-year-old pop star’s website, said she and her lawyers expected a sexual harassment lawsuit filed on Wednesday by the bodyguard, Fernando Flores, to be dismissed.

Paris Hilton and her legal team have to be grateful that Britney knocked them off the top of the heap for a few days. Does sexual harassment trump a coke bust, however?

So, what about the guys? Long gone are the days of classical stars like Robert Mitchum getting busted for pot, or Robert Downey Jr. waking up in a strange bed after a marathon night of coke binging. True, there is always Charlie Sheen to throw stones at, as well as Mel Gibson, both of whom are alleged spousal abusers. But for sheer law-breaking consistency, there is no match for Paris, Lindsay or Britney.

They all think they are above the law, so they break it repeatedly. Nothing new there. They are also extremely wealthy, self indulgent beyond any normal boundaries.

Yet… just when you thought the cell door was closed to new recruits, another one-named wonder enters the arena, and that would be ‘Jersey Shore’s’ bronze bombshell Snooki.

But really, is this something a nice Jersey girl like Snooki wants to shoot for?

I have no legal advice for Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi, but as a publicity move, she has certainly entered a higher rent neighborhood with her disorderly conduct charge. The old adage in publicity is that you have to stay five steps ahead of your client so you always know how to react when the situation presents itself. I hope her reps are up to the challenge, because it looks like Snooki is going to be giving them a lot of sleepless nights for the next few years.

Who’s next, I wonder? Miley? Oh, Billy Ray. I already feel sorry for you.

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3 Responses to “Fresh From the ‘Glee’ Set, Britney Spears Encounters Sex Allegations”

  1. John Holcomb says:

    Good piece. We love pretty people doing dump shit. It makes the dumb shit us little folks do feel pretty minor actually. Its why “cops” is still the most popular show in prison…inmates rather like other criminals get busted on the big stage.

    Its also interesting that now that the tiger woods party train has finally left town, the usual supsects have decided that its an opportune time to strike…right before NFL season starts and the political mudslinging ramps up.

    b/t/w Snooks kind of looks like Jennifer connor with huge boobs.


    Mr. Holcomb

  2. David Gadarian says:

    Snookie for a few years??? Jersey Shore is fun to watch but I hope not.

  3. Kathryne says:

    I’m afraid you’re right about Miley. She’s already showing signs of being the next LiLo.