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Football Season Is Upon Us. The NBA Has Soured Me.

by David Gadarian. Founder of MostMost

Once again America is ready to partake in the great festival that is NFL and yet much like most everything else in our country, this season seems to be opening on a downer.

Whether it has to do with Big Ben being suspended for the first four games this year (just reduced from a six game suspension) the injuries that seem to be piling up early, or maybe it boils down to while these guys might be tweeting, it just doesn’t seem to mean as much as it did.

I’m sure as the season gets underway some of the drama, the great narrative that is a team’s journey will start to unfold and we’ll all be there to enjoy the ride, but right now the Patriots still feel like a maybe, the Giants are a blah, the Colts are probably going to be an almost, Favre and Vikings feel like a repeat of a tired story, the Jets could be interesting but will likely implode and the Saints are a fun team and hopefully they’ll hit the ground running.

But I think the bulk of my malaise has to do not so much with the NFL, but really with the way the NBA season ended – sorry LeBron and all the rest of you hugely salaried folk, but you’ve soured me on professional athletics for a little bit. I’ve thought about this, and somehow Tiger Woods and his whole drama doesn’t have the same effect on me and I think that is because Tiger plays in a game where he’s a solitary competitor, and frankly I feel like his issues are personal.

LeBron James Heading to MiamiOn the other hand, the entire deal in Miami has really pissed me off. I’m hopeful the Celtics can put it together, especially now with ShaqFu, and amazingly I’m thinking I like LA over the Heat, but the thing that has me really bent out of shape is after having seen the way all the madness in Miami has transpired, I’m pretty upset with all pro sports rights now. It somehow no longer feels like the guys respect me as a fan.

So thanks NBA for screwing with my NFL!

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