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The Genius of ‘Jackass 3D’

by Jason Kasperski
Entertainment Editor, MostMost.Net

A few weeks I ago I reported on the slowly brewing backlash over new 3D films and how their elevated ticket prices were turning off regular moviegoers. As the summer went on, the numbers actually reflected this trend, with 3D prints of the same film also available in 2D accounting for less and less of a percent of the box office take.

Now comes the latest hot trailer to hit the internet, and it is none other than ‘Jackass 3-D’ from Paramount Pictures and MTV.

Even though I may not be the number one fan of the new 3D process and the hiked ticked prices, when I saw the trailer I was immediately hooked by the concept and couldn’t stop laughing. Why NOT turn the entire 3-D experience into a gigantic, comedic, performance art piece? Judging by the footage, it looks like Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O and the rest of the gang have succeeded beyond their wildest, original, 2D ambitions.

Here we have the same level of stunts and a similar shooting style from the television show and the first two films. There is a guy in a tuxedo jumping a jet ski over a backyard fence. There is someone strapped into a porta-potty that is bungee-corded about 400 feet into the air. Various vehicles break through plate glass windows and a drunken Santa stunt involves sawing down a 200 foot tall spruce tree on a snowy mountaintop.

Two things hold the whole enterprise together, and the first is Johnny Knoxville and his hang dog star-quality. I have seen him in person and he is same guy offscreen as on: sunglasses, Chuck Taylors, approachable personality. He is the ringleader who gives credibility to the endeavor. Then you add the widescreen 3D format, and for some reason, it almost makes the stunts and gags just… so… much… BIGGER. Dare I say, ‘cinematic.’

The image quality adds a legitimate air of artistic credibility, which is something I never thought I would ever say about a ‘Jackass’ movie. It’s almost like shooting a ‘Three Stooges’ short in Cinemascope.

Judging by the early reactions to the trailer on the web, I’m certain this will be one of the breakout hits of the fall season. I still think the joke’s on you, though, if you want to pay 17 dollars for it come October.

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