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France Moves Us Closer to World War III

By Kathryne Gadarian

France is well on its way to throwing down a massive gauntlet in the germinating face-off between the West and the Muslim world. The ban on the burqa – the traditional face-covering veil worn by some fundamentalist Muslim women – has passed French Parliament, and passage in the Senate in September is virtually assured. Cheered by most in France and many around the world, Sarkozy and his countrymen have drawn a line in the sand that ups the ante significantly in the Muslim-secular divide, and forces a political polarization that will probably accelerate our march towards armed confrontation – yes, World War III.

Despite Sarkozy’s rhetoric, this law will do nothing to advance the cause of women. If a woman chooses to wear a burqa, then she is not oppressed; if she wears a burqa only under duress, then the state should be targeting her oppressors with punishment, not her. Nor is there a legitimate security purpose to the ban – none of the major recent terrorist activities have been executed by perpetrators hiding their identity under a burqa (not to mention, most terrorist bombers are one-time offenders, so seeing their faces before they commit their crimes will hardly help us identify a future threat). No, the real reason is France’s – indeed, Europe’s – barely concealed hatred for its Muslim immigrants. France is basically telling fundamentalist Muslims that they are no longer welcome in the country.

There are observant Muslims in the world that are non-militant, but there will be fewer after this ban is enacted. Does everyone really think that women will stop wearing the burqa and start embracing French secular culture after this slap in the face? No, this law is not going to do much other than radicalize the observant Muslims who have shied away from militant politicization until now. The fundamentalists aren’t leaving France or any other Western nation who have allowed them residency, and the women are not going to unveil themselves. But while Islamic radicals might not allow their women to show their faces, they do not mind arming them with explosives and weapons. So re-stock your bomb shelters, because you’re going to see more, not less, of the burqa, and this time it WILL be hiding a security threat.

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One Response to “France Moves Us Closer to World War III”

  1. Jason Kasperski says:

    Very well done, point taken. Never going to happen in the US.