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PREMIUM GAS OR REGULAR? Why 2D Movies Are Better Than 3D

by Jason Kasperski, Entertainment Editor, MostMost.Net

Sometime in the next year, ‘Jackass 3D’ will hit movie theaters, raising the new, hot question in Hollywood right now: why even go there?

As hard as it seems, when you count all the advertising and marketing dollars spent to promote the new technology, that within just a few summers the idea of the 3D Hollywood film is already passe.

But when you look at the box office numbers for 3D versus 2D for titles like ‘Shrek Forever After’ and ‘Toy Story 3’, there is a disturbing trend already noticeable. People would rather pay less for a movie in 2D then spend the higher ticket prices for a 3D version of the same film.

The hard numbers are clear as day: 3D tickets accounted for 71% of ‘Alice in Wonderland’s’ box office a few months ago, but this weekend 3D accounted for just 60% of ‘Toy Story 3’s’ grosses.  The ‘Shrek’ numbers are also hanging in the 60% area, which means the numbers are dropping — not holding.

It’s like filling up with gas at the Texaco station.  If you drive a Honda, why pay for premium gas when the engine doesn’t even need it?  Most families today, with the economic crunch, are in essence driving Hondas to the theater and just want regular gas. Not only that, but most paying members of an audience do not want to wear the glasses and squint through a nauseating, nerve- jangling visual experience.  We’ve all heard stories of headaches from these screenings, with a lot of tired eye-rubbing on the way to the lobby.

As time goes by and this trend becomes less faddish, the movie studios will cut back on 3D productions and from rushing 2D movies through the 3D post-production process.  Five years from now 3D will be something of a dated joke, just like when it debuted widely in the 1950’s.

The backlash is here already. A lot of Hollywood filmmakers like ‘Inception’s’ Christopher Nolan refuse to do their movies in 3D.  Russia’s burgeoning film industry has just greenlit a spoof of the American 3D phenomenon called ‘The Very Best Movie 3-Dee.’

One of the producers of the Russian spoof, Monumental Pictures’ Paul Heth, refuses to disclose which movies the film will spoof or how, but did say the decision to go 3D was made six months ago after a 2D script had been written.

‘We saw that 3D was very popular is Moscow and Russia and decided to spoof it,’ says Heth.

You know if the Russians jump onboard a trend, it’s hipness quotient just went out the window. 

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3 Responses to “PREMIUM GAS OR REGULAR? Why 2D Movies Are Better Than 3D”

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  2. David Gadarian says:

    not sure about this one – I have a suspicion that the real 3-D revolution is going to happen in home theaters and is going to be driven by video games. Maybe, just maybe, Hollywood might have caught this wave at the right time.

  3. Ugh, I couldn’t agree more. However, I’m an outdated dinosaur who doesn’t even have a smart phone!