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Over 10,000 Spams in the Month of June Alone

It wasn’t too long ago that MostMost hit a bit of a milestone – we had our 10,000th post – I even wrote a blog post about it and received a number of very nice messages both here on the site and off-line as well.

And so it goes, today I am writing another ‘inside MostMost post’ – for the month of June, 2010 so far our site has received well over 10,000 spams. I’m not sure what is so special about this month versus others, but maybe we started to pick up some steam, or more likely we’ve fallen on the radar of an automated spam bot. Fortunately on this site we utilize Askmit, which is offered up as a plugin for WordPress users.

That said, of the over 10,000 spams so far only ONE has actually gotten through to look like a comment on the site.  If you’re like me, you too probably find that stat to be amazing!  So while MostMost is not at the ‘Mad Paper Money’ stage of our life, we are at the stage where we can certainly say THANK YOU – so to all the folks Automatic thank you all so much for all the great work you do and for allowing us here at MostMost to keep our comments live.

Always interesting…


David Gadarian
Founder of MostMost


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