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Buffet Lunch Goes In Auction for $2.63M and I’m Ready to Lose Mine (Lunch that is)

by David Gadarian – founder of

Pretty amazing that the winning bid for a lunch with Warren Buffet was $2.63 Million. This year’s winner has asked to remain anonymous.  I know it’s for a good cause, Glide, but come on – $2.63 Million for  ‘Power Lunch’  is not sitting well with me.

I could rant and rave, but I’m still trying to wrap my head around how much money that is, and how bizarre it seems to me to spend that amount of money on a lunch tab. Somehow it appears that the Great Recession hasn’t quite hit some people as hard as others.

I’m sure Warren is a great guy and he is wonderful to talk with – anybody who is that used to having people listen to them usually is a great talker, but maybe the memo about how ridiculous this might appear seems to have not quite made it to the Oracle’s desk – or more likely as this lunch has been happening for a number of years it probably does not matter but for a guy who continually makes a boast about how great he is with money maybe I’m missing something –  as this does not seem like a great use of money to me.  In fact what it does seem like is a sickeningly grotesque display of… I’m starting to rant.

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