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REVIEW: Disney and Pixar Now Want To Be Your Facebook Friends

by Jason Kasperski, Entertainment Editor, MostMost.Net

Everyone in the media today has an opinion of Facebook. There are new articles and blogs written about it daily, probably multiple times per day, on various websites which then get picked up on assorted content aggregators.

Which means only one thing: Facebook is approaching something akin to cultural over-saturation. To make matters worse, depending on your point of view, one of the most marketing savvy operations on the planet, the Walt Disney Company, now wants to turn your Facebook page into a marketplace where you can directly purchase tickets to its products.

According to the New York Times, people will be able to buy tickets to the latest ‘Toy Story’ movie without leaving Facebook. The application, called Disney Tickets Together, alerts your Facebook friends when you buy tickets to the show, then prompts you to invite them to buy tickets of their own. The Times says this ‘could transform how Hollywood sells movie tickets by combining purchases with the powerful forces of social networking.’

Is this just another gimmick? A way to get butts in the seats in a sagging economy?

Maybe. But it’s a simple and painless process that is, frankly, easier and more user friendly than buying tickets through an number of other online movie ticket purchasing sites. Powered by Fandango, they ask you for permission to send an email acknowledging your consent to access your private information. Then, of course, comes the bill. You enter a credit card number and within about 60 seconds you have a receipt for a ticket in your in-box. For a single adult ticket at Universal City Walk, which is for a Saturday matinee show, the charge is $6.00 and a small fee. Which is about half of what you would pay walking up to a box office window.

Clearly, the low price is for promotional purposes to launch the service. But what Disney is doing moves beyond just creating awareness to using the platform to acquire customers directly. According to Facebook, this is the first time that a movie studio has tried this, which makes a lot of sense because moviegoing is one of those activities that is inherently social.

Initially, I was ready to trash it as the latest example of over-commercialization of social networking sites.

However, the combination of overly aggressive marketing (the Disney factor) coupled with the demise of privacy (Facebook) doesn’t seem to happen here. What you get is streamlined convenience, and I can see it making life easier for people who just want to one-stop shop while logged on to their Facebook account. The only drawback is the nagging window that pops up asking who on your friends list you want to invite to the show. It’s a little confusing at first glance, but with just a few clicks you can bypass annoying choices and get on with the ticket purchase.

But please, to all my friends, I beg you not to alert me to any future purchases you make, even if the Facebook page is forcing you to do so. I already have an overkill of announcements and invites bombarding me during the course of a day, I don’t need to be reminded that you just purchased six tickets to Disney On Ice and that tickets are still available.

You will be immediately de-friended.

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