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Post Number 10,000 for MostMost!

I just looked at my dashboard and saw that I was up to post number 9,999 – so that makes this the post number 10,000!

I guess that means its time for some reflection. MostMost has been up for about 3 years with a little break for some web development in the middle and the site has been a tremendous pleasure and constant source of inspiration for me.

I humbly started the site in large part fueled by a passion teamed with an utter lack of experience and slowly white knuckled my way through HTML and CSS, eventually leading me to hire a developer only to have that developer determine the site I envisioned was too hard too build! More white knuckling and eventually I discovered WordPress which has enabled the site to make the strides that it has – thanks WordPress!

It’s been very interesting to watch the site evolve and I have had great fun slowly massaging MostMost into the unwieldy beast that it is, having introduced lists, polls (sorry polls it just didn’t work out like I had hoped) and finally the MostMost Blog which still scares me! Not to mention all the news which I’ve had the pleasure of having a front row seat on. 10,000 posts is a lot of news!

The site is still brimming to the hilt with all kinds of ideas in our percolating in our lab (read that as my kitchen table)! Maybe even this summer I’ll get back into to some serious development as on the technology side so much is constantly changing, and for a site like MostMost, there is a constant thirst and real life pressure to stay digitally relevant.

I’m also thrilled to say that MostMost also recently brought on its first contributor, Jason Kasperski, who is heading up the Entertainment section. The addition of a new body has been a great motivator for me and it has served as a huge benchmark for the site. Slowly (hopefully soon) we’ll start to add some additional contributors to the site, and collectively we’ll all mold the site into something much stronger than I could have ever hoped or dreamed to have done on my own.

I would like to thank everyone who has stopped by for a visit, all those who have shared a MostPost, and especially all my friends and family who have been so supportive of this crazy idea from the beginning up until now – especially my wife…

In terms of the news, yes so much has changed in three years – and I don’t think this is the post for that other than to say that in such a polarized atmosphere with the stakes so high I believe MostMost has a very bright future and we’ll certainly continue to work hard to provide a meaningful and quality experience here on this site.


David Gadarian
Founder of MostMost

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7 Responses to “Post Number 10,000 for MostMost!”

  1. Congrats on the milestone!!!

    Hope you will consider linking to especially with your new entertainment section. We completely re-designed our website — and it has gotten nothing but raves. We post material daily — so let’s talk strategic alliance — if you like what you see. cr

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  3. Nicole says:

    Awesome toolbar. I might steal it for my site! 😉

  4. Kathryne says:

    Congratulations to MostMost!

  5. Jason Kasperski says:

    Bigtime congrats on 10,000!

  6. Dino says:


  7. More to come says:

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