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Getting the MOST Out of Your Tile Floor

If your thinking of tiling your floor Matt is the guy to talk too – not only does he do tiling for a living, but he literally wrote the book on it!

In his own words, getting the MOST out of your tile floor:

Tiling is an interesting beast to tackle. When done right, it can provide you and your home with literally years of enjoyment. Done improperly, and it can be one of the greatest headaches your body has ever experienced. When figuring out whether to do the job yourself, or to hire someone, you’ll want to go over a few simple criteria. Is this something you REALLY want to tackle, or should you leave it up to the professionals. If you want to do it yourself, where do you go to find out how to do it best?

If you’re looking for someone to hire, how do you choose someone that will give you a great job at a fair price?

Fortunately there’s an answer to both of these questions. Education! An informed customer is one that will get the best job at the best price. Whether that means you go at it yourself (and maybe some friends) or outsourcing the job to someone else, there’s always ways to do it better and less expensive.

First you will want to find out what type of tile you want to install – now word to the wise, don’t just get the cheapest or the prettiest. There are many factors when deciding what tile will work best with your situation. Front hallway – ceramic, porcelain, or slate will work fine, not so much with marble. Why is that you ask? Good question. Marble is the most likely tile to scratch and will be a complete eyesore from all the shoe/boot foot traffic.

Next you will need to figure out what kind of subfloor you would like installed. Subfloor, what’s that! Don’t worry, this is just the floor that goes overtop of your existing floor to give it extra strength. If you go with plywood, you’ll be adding a lot of height, but it’s quite cost effective. Schluter DITRA works amazing and is very thin, but the price is higher than the other selections.

Nailing down those two decisions will greatly increase your chance for having a well layed tile floor. Just remember to understand everything BEFORE you either go at it yourself or bring someone in to quote the job. Stay informed, you’ll be happy you did.

And a little more on Matt:

Matt spent almost 3 years to perfect his book “A Unique Step-By-Step Guide: Making Floor Tiling Easier”. He wanted to make it as accessible as possible for people of all varying degrees of experience. From 1st time beginner, to the veteran that’s been tiling for years, this book covers everything necessary to learn floor tiling, with many shortcuts and pro tips that make the job faster and easier.

For an opportunity to either purchase the book, or receive a Free DVD on floor tiling, go to Click on the FREE DVD, to discover the special promotion he has to offer.

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    This is a great article 🙂