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From ‘Drill Baby Drill’ to ‘Spill Baby Spill’

What a mess! As the spillage continues with the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, now possibly even surpassing the raw damage of the Exxon Valdez, we are left with all kinds of questions and fears.

Who is paying for all the clean up? The recent Senate hearing regarding this mess saw all three potential sides pointing the finger at each other.

Beyond who is paying for it, who is going to fix it? BP is having a very hard time with it – so far we’ve had two separate attempts come up empty and it seems like these guys are grasping at straws.

If its so hard to contain these wells, then why are we drilling this far down to begin with?

Regardless of who is paying for all this, why is our government not taking over on the containment and cleanup?

What impact will this have on the cost of gas? A very fair question considering that is the reason we decided it was a good idea to drill here in the first place.

What lasting impact will this have on the environment?

Will anyone be going to prison over this?

Are our politician (Obama included) still going to be coming out in favor of more off-shore drilling?

When this is all said in done, will we still remember that 11 people died?

The Fear

With the passage of time and the pressures of everyday life (remember $4/gallon in the summer of 2008???) that we’ll completely forget the downside and ignore our obligations to ourselves, our children and our planet.  Drill Baby Drill

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