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Nuclear Security Summit – Will Anything Be Achieved?

Today marks the official launch of the ‘Nuclear Security Summit’, hosted here in America by President Obama. The primary goal of eliminating the threat of a nuclear attack by a terrorist organization is admirable. That said will anything meaningful actually get accomplished?

First and foremost, will China agree to a new round of sanctions against Iran? China is increasingly faced with a reality that if it wants to be a recognized global player it might have to at times put the ‘global good’ ahead of its own nations personal finances. China has consistently put its monetary goals ahead of global realities – maybe they are about to turn a corner?

Iran, one of the nations not invited to the Summit in large part due to their current nuclear activities as well as not being a signatory of the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty, has already stated that this single biggest threat to global peace is the United States, and Iran is going to be holding their own nuclear summit next week.

So far prior to the Summit the biggest story has been Israel’s PM Nentanyahu deciding NOT to attend the Summit because he was confident Arab states such at Turkey and Jordan would try to derail the stated agenda and instead try to turn this Summit into a moratorium on Israel. Both nations have since said they intend to do just that – we’ll see what happens. While Israel clearly has a national interest in not seeing Iran weaponize their nuclear program, the threat of a direct censure regarding Israel’s own nuclear program was enough to warrant a bow out.

North Korea oddly seems to be completely ignored at this moment, although given Kim Jong-il’s appetite to in the global news cycle there is still time for this regime to make some noise despite also not being invited to the Summit.

India and Pakistan – yes they’re both in the process of building more nuclear weapons, but no, this is not the Summit’s agenda, despite Pakistan in particular being home to a wide array of terrorists regimes.

Russia and the United States are both coming off a historic signing of a new agreement the limit their nations respective nuclear programs and maybe this alone will be enough of an impetus to inspire other nations to come to the table in a meaningful way.

We’ll see…

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