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NCAA – Butler vs. Duke; David vs. Goliath = Awesomeness!

Tonight is the final game of the NCAA Tournament and it has all the really great drama that sports fans always hope for in games like this. This year’s tournament has already seen its fair share of surprise upsets which is a big part of what makes it so fun to be a fan, but there were not many, if any picking Butler to go as far as they have.

The Butler squad is truly a great Cinderella story and these are the kinds of stories people all over the world always respond to – a group of gritty underdogs clawing their way through the thicket. And yes, the Bulldogs are also proven giant killers, having knocked off top ranked Syracuse.

The Duke squad offers up a compelling story as well, more along the lines of a minor fall from the top, and now they are back. The taking of an ‘A’ list team and building the program up after having had to spend the past few seasons in the shadow of their arch rivals, the Tarheels.

In addition there is a great narrative to follow between the coaches – Brad Steven of Butler the new kid on the block, with both him and his squad unaccustomed to playing in front of such big crowd in such a heightened environment, which is a great contrast to Coach K, the polished NCAA coaching insider with considerable big game experience.

In some respects its already a great win for both teams to have made it this far, for Butler because they come from a smaller division and rarely does a team like this make it to the finals, and for Duke as this game serves as a continued validation of their program.

But assuming Butler’s defense can keep it tight the biggest winner of all will be the fans.

Prediction: Duke 67, Butler 59

Hope: Butler 59, Duke 55

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