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The Pope – Will He Issue A Statement Over Easter Weekend Regarding the Molestation Accusation?

Heading into Easter 2010 the Pope is dealing with a major crisis regarding a considerable number of molestation charges levied against priests and also the role that the church has historically had in protecting those priests. Lot’s of questions regarding who knew what, when they knew it, and what they did about it? There are some bigger questions sitting out there like why aren’t these pedophiles going to prison and why isn’t the Catholic Church working to make that happen?
It being Easter weekend, probably the biggest question out there right now is why all the silence from the Pope? Why not provide a public statement that addresses this issue head on?

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3 Responses to “The Pope – Will He Issue A Statement Over Easter Weekend Regarding the Molestation Accusation?”

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  2. Theresa James says:

    Perhaps MostMost the reason you are not hearing the Pope speak about Child-Molesting Priests on Easter Sunday is because it is not appropriate. If you were a Catholic, and you were plugged into his life on a daily basis, you would be well aware of all of the words and actions he has and has required to be taken with regard to this grave sin! Easter is a sacred call to each follower of Jesus, to be concerned about their own relationship with Him…. rather than spend it doing other people’s inventory! Easter, by the way, proves that JESUS has power even over DEATH… which is the ultimate consequence we pay for sin…. Jesus showed that He can transform Death into Life… and calls us to turn away from sin and embrace a LIFE filled with Life-giving choices and activities! PEACE to YOU and Yours!

  3. Kathryne says:

    The Pope’s silence on the matter is going to continue to cause grief, pain and confusion for the Church’s followers who actually want to know that this problem is being acknowledged and addressed by their leaders. It’s no longer the 15th century, and many modern Catholics want answers and discussion, not blandishments and whiny accusations of “persecution” by their leaders. This issue will continue to dog and fragment the Church until the leaders learn that open discussion and acknowledgment of wrongdoing is far healthier for the future of their organization than sweeeping such terrible matters under the rug.