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Health Care, Maybe this Bill Will Work Out After All…

The past week has been all about health care and while at first the sentiment by many seemed to be something along the lines of ‘over my dead body’ a week into we’re starting to see a little more ‘maybe this will actually work out for us’.  Polling seems to be about 50/50, or at least 46/46, which clearly is far away from hearing that the ‘people’ are either very much against it or are hugely in favor of it, but as the rhetoric calms down there seems to be a sentiment that maybe, just maybe the passage of the health care bill won’t actually spell the doom of America, and quite possibly there might be some good in this bill.

Following the vote Republicans have been forced to take stock of their party, their goals and what they stand for.  The most vocal part of the Republican Party today seem to be driven by the ‘Tea Party’ and yes, Sarah Palin.  Within the Republican Party there also seems to be a growing recognition that if the economy starts to turn around by November the Republicans are in real trouble and they will be seen as being on the wrong side of history.

The Democrats spent the end of last week, and heading into the remainder of this election cycle will likely be extolling the virtues of what this bill does for you ‘right now’.  These talking points will prove to be extremely powerful and will resonate with the American people, in large part because most people don’t really know what is in the bill.  Similarly these talking point will also be met with a large response to the contrary, claiming that this bill will spell the ruin of our nation.

It’s been a real challenge to know what is real and what is not but one thing is for sure, Americans will continue to vote with their wallets, and if this health care bill brings actual health care costs down than it seems like that will be a really big win for the Democrats, and similarly it will serve as a black eye for those that opposed this bill, particularly given the ferocity of the opposition to its passage.

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