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10 Ways to Increase Business with Publicity

We’re very fortunate to have Miriam Silverberg providing us with her expert opinion today about how to amp up your business using proven publicity approaches. She heads up Miriam Silverberg Associates and she has been in the publicity space for over 20 years – she knows her stuff and as you’ll see in reading this list – if you like 1-9 she’s even included a huge bonus opportunity in #10!

10 Ways to Increase Business with Publicity:

1. Call the media. Don’t expect them to call you. Call them with news.
2. When you read something about a competitor, don’t stew and think why wasn’t that me. Call the journalist
and tell him you liked the story. Is he planning a follow-up? Send information on you.
3. Call your competitor! Congratulate him and in the course of the conversation try to find out how he
got the story.
4. It might help to align yourself with a competitor to cut expenses. For example, two restaurants share fish
orders or two retailers share inventory. This cuts costs and is a story for the media.
5. Set up an association with another business that complements but does not conflict with you. Say a restaurant
and liquor store are next to each other. Each has customers put in business cards. Each week each business
owner chooses winner. Restaurant winner gets free bottle of liquor at liquor store and their winner gets one free
entree with purchase of one.
6. Are you generating publicity? A French resturant on Bastille Day could have a waiter outside giving samples of
7. A spa could have someone outside on a very hot, steamy day to touch up the makeup of women passing by.
And call the media and tell them what you’re doing.
8. Call in to a call-in radio program if you think there is anything you can contribute from the standpoint of your
9. Keep in front of the media. Keep calling and emailing a particular journalist you think might be helpful Don’t
be shy. Keep telling him what is new in your business or trade. When he writes a story he’ll think of you.
10. Calll me! Send me an email at I’ll email you back with my phone number and I promise a free phone consultation.

Miriam Silverberg, President Miriam Silverberg Associates

Miriam Silverberg is the founder and president of Miriam Silverberg Associates, a boutique publicity agency
in Manhattan. Established over 20 years ago,”Business Builders by Publicity,” Miriam Silverberg Associates
has worked with top restaurants (La Cote Basque), the arts (N.Y.C. Ballet), authors, beauty professionals,
fashion designers and retailers and medical professionals. She is a member of Baruch College’s Executives on Campus program and is an annual panelist at Marymount Manhattan College’s day-long seminar on writing and publicity. A contributing writer to , she writes a fashion column for Epoch Times and Listed in Who’s Who of American Women, Miriam Silverberg has lectured extensively on how to create publicity.

She may be reached at

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