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10,000+ Twitter Followers for MostMost – A Few Observations

Over the past months MostMost has made a very active, dedicated and deliberate make Twitter a big part of what we do. We’ve been very fortunate in the opportunities we’ve managed to participate in as a result of Twitter, allowing our site to interact with the community and hopefully the efforts of the MostMost Twitter Channel (@mostmosttweet) have added to the conversation in a meaningful way. Similarly we’ve been fortunate to have been able to get so much back from Twitter and the community that populates the site. Below is a short rundown of some of my own observations.

• I greatly appreciate everyone who has taken the time to follow MostMost (nearly 13K), and also to List us on Twitter (over 200) – it is very humbling and hopefully we’ll continue to justify your confidence in us as a company.
• There are tons of great people and great businesses exchanging information here – it continues to amaze
• There are more than a few odd birds here – I’m glad I’ve had a chance to connect with them.
• There is a thing called Forex which as I understand it some sort of money trading market. I’ve been assured I will make a mint. Maybe one day.I seem to get solicited by a number of people guaranteeing tens of thousands of followers – oddly, most of those DM’s are from people with 2K followers.
• Oddly, there are less adult solicitations than I thought, my initial expectation was there would be more.
• There are a number of ‘webcam babes’ just trying to earn their way through college. I’m sure they are all very nice people. I’ve elected to block all them – sorry.
• Twitter Trends fascinate me.
• The Iran Election still stands out for me as a pivotal news moment. It was absolutely amazing to be on Twitter just as the results were coming in, and similarly it was absolutely heartbreaking to see the video of Neda getting shot in the head and dying on camera.
• Occasionally I’ll try to think about how the technology around Twitter actually works – the only thing so far that I’ve determined with certainly is that there are a lot of moving parts.
• Twitter provides an amazing avenue to connect with people and organizations.
• I find often times Twitter trends we’ll be way ahead of mainstream news – being a news blog, this was a very important realization for our site.
• I need to spend less time on Twitter.
• I need to spend more time on Twitter.

Bottom line, I’m hooked. @Twitter – keep up the great work! Thanks, David

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