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The Most Kind & Most Whimsical Characters of Mushroomland

I’m very happy to share with everyone what is by far the most whimsical MOST list we’ve had on the site to date, provided to us by Natasha Guruleva, the self appointed Queen of Mushroomland. I have a suspicion this will end up being the most popular post we’ve ever had on the site…

Natasha has literally created a full universe filled with Mushroom people, and today she is sharing with us “The Most Kind and Most Whimsical Characters” of Mushroomland.

One of the main characters is BOLLY – the brave and adventurous mushroom-boy that saves a human boy Herbert and hides him under the mushroom cap as a foreigner-mushroom.

Bolly’s best friend CHANTERELLE is “the smartest mushroom that ever lived.” The girl is into mycology and nature studies. She is the brain behind every major move of the mushroom characters dealing with unbelievable circumstances of their lives.

Their friend SAFFRY is a mushroom poet. He is romantic, idealistic, very imaginative and kind. His poetry inspired not only his kids-friends but also the politically inclined adult mushrooms in their fight for democracy.

Bolly’s sister TOLLY has the most sweet and caring personality. She is a dancer and she developed a secret crash on Herbert – not knowing that he is not a mushroom but a shrunken human.

HERBERT is a boy whose desire to learn to play baseball lead him to try acting upon a very questionable advice – which brought him to Mushroomland being a size of a mushroom.

GRANDPA BOLETUS is a mayor of Forest Town, the capital of Muahroomland. He takes care of his grandchildren – Bolly and Tolly – and all their friends. He is also a venerated veteran.

MR. PORTOBELLO is a judge. He is Grandpa’s right hand in the presidential elections.

LEPI is a music teacher, a very honest and principled mushroom-lady.

COUNT AGARR is a leader of toadstools. He is pompous and aggressive – but it’s only on the outside. He has a soft heart, while being courageous and brave. His concerns of Mushroomland’s wellbeing are stronger than his desire to be its president.

OLD TRUFFLE is a wizard. He lives underground and knows more than anybody could conceive of. Without his help Herbert would never find his way home.

All these mushrooms help Herbert become a better human being.

Mushroomland relates to all young and old, to people from all walks of life whose heart is open.

Natasha writes and illustrates fairy-tales and fables where many characters are mushrooms. Together with their human friend, they explore different realms of nature Flower Kingdom, Butterfly Empire, Underground Maze, Big Pond and so on. For the illustrations she uses photography placing the characters that she makes herself into the natural environment in the forest, ponds and meadows of Long Island. The basic thread of her stories holds together beads-ideas about recognizing and appreciating life around us, life under our feet, treating everybody as equal and seeing ourselves as a part of the unity. She also single-handedly created a feature film, based on her first story Adventures of Little Herbert in Mushroom Land. It s made in an old-fashioned style of stop-frame animation. She built over 50 characters out of fabrics and wires and designed the sets in the woods (Forest Town, Mushroom House). She photographed every movement of those characters, then photoshopped each frame to get rid of supporting wires and make the mouths move. She also edited (digitally) the entire movie. Now it s airing at the various local TV networks as a series of episodes, and the next animated adventure On the Wings of Butterflies is in a process of creation.

For more Mushroom joy please visit the site

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