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A List of the MOST effective promotional ideas utilizing the sparkle factor

“Blinging” your idea to life! We’ve invited Sparkle Plenty Ideas to share with their Most – what makes for great promotional material, and as they’ve been in business for 10 years they would know. This list is a must read for any business looking to make a memorable splash.

A List of the MOST effective promotional ideas utilizing the sparkle factor.

What do NASA, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and Mexico’s Top Model have in common? Answer: Sparkling custom rhinestone logo wear from Sparkle Plenty Designs.

Match that oh-so-seducing sparkle to a flattering, ladies tee, and you’ve got a promotional item that will have patrons clamoring for giveaways, but more importantly, you’ll have a perfect impulse purchase. The aesthetic appeal alone is enough to seal the deal, often regardless of what’s on the shirt. And because women love bling, your sparkly logo wear creates more attention for your brand, as in “walking/talking billboard”.

Before and After Logos:



Here is a list of the MOST promotional ideas businesses can use to show off their brand:

Apparel & Accessories – Sparkle Plenty Designs ( can create your custom logo, phrase or idea in crystal or rhinestone on shirts, tees, hoodies, ties, Pilates/yoga wear – you name it, we can make it sparkle.

Cloth napkins & tablecloths – We can add crystal to these items to really make a statement – from a simple monogram to a glam logo.



Skin – yes, crystal body tattoos are hot! Relatively inexpensive with one-size for all, this is an item that’s easy to work with, and sure to please.



Glasses/Bottles – perfect for liquor brands’ promotions – imagine beautiful blinged champagne/wine bottles for a very special event

Sparkle Plenty Designs ( specializes in “blinging” your  message, brand, event or logo to life in Swarovski crystal or rhinestone – a look that’s guaranteed to get attention. Apart from your logo, custom design work can be focused on events ranging from fundraisers and charity events, to spa & salon staff wear, to weddings.  In addressing the needs of our buyers, Sparkle Plenty has found a balance between quality custom design work and cost efficiency.  As recently pointed out by Wearables Magazine – the authority for the promotional apparel industry – in a trend alert titled, Bring Out The Bling: “….metallics and shiny apparel remain ‘in’ no matter what the season”.

For more information about Sparkle Plenty Designs and a complimentary quote, please call (215) 389-1877 or email: info@sparkle-plenty(dot)com.
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