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The Five Most Common Mistakes of Debut Authors

Stephanie Barko, a literary publicist has generoulsy agreed to share some of her expertise with us here at MostMost, and has provided us with a list of ‘The Five Most Common Mistakes of Debut Authors’.

Prior to being published, new authors will frequently make mistakes that damage or even preclude their book’s marketability. Commonly, these errors include

  1. Lack of clear audience for their material
  2. Poorly designed front cover art and a back cover without endorsements
  3. Unedited or unprofessionally edited manuscript
  4. Lack of marketing platform & budget
  5. Inadequate online presence for author and title

    Independent Literary Publicist Stephanie Barko,,
    helps authors present their voice to the public. If she gets
    a manuscript early enough, she can redirect one that’s heading for a nose dive
    back up into the sky with a banner tied to its tail.

    “It’s all about having a guide.”, she says. “When you become an author, you’re entering a dynamic, unregulated industry full of people who want to make money off you. The less you know about it, the more you need someone to advocate for you. Even if you’re good at promoting your own book, a publicist will open doors when all you may see are walls.”

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