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Getting the MOST from your Makeup

Starting Off 2010 Looking Your Best! For this list we figured with a New Year, and a New Decade, so many people make so many resolutions including “looking your best” so we’ve gone to Jessica Perretti, a professional makeup artist for some quick pointers to make sure you get the MOST from your makeup so here goes!

1. Always make sure your face is prepped! What I mean by this is proper skincare before makeup application can make or break the look. If your skin is too dry before application, the foundation/powder/blush will not go on smoothly and vice versa. ALWAYS wash, tone and moisturize for the best results. At night apply a serum or night cream if necessary.
2. The three most important looks to follow:

a. Bold eye nude lip: NEVER do a bold eye bold lip unless it’s for a special occasion where it’s appropriate. For normal makeup, bold eye bold lip is WAY too much and should be avoided. Bold eye nude lip is great for going out or everyday wear :).

b. Nude eye nude lip: This is an everyday look that can look absolutely stunning for day or night. Some powder, blush, lipgloss & mascara can have you ready for your day in no time! This look is bigtime in right now!

c. Nude eye bold lip: This look is one of my favorites. If you have the look to pull it off this can look absolutely amazing! It’s easy too! Just throw on some mascara and some bold lipstick, liner & gloss (optional) and you’re ready for a night out on the town!

3. Experiment!: Makeup is really not that hard, I promise! Some of the most famous makeup artists became who they were and as knowledgeable as they are by simply experimenting. Don’t be afraid to mix some lipsticks together or create your own look. You’ll be surprised at how your makeup skills will “magically” improve ;).

Jessica Perretti has been in the makeup and skincare industry for almost 3 years, however it has been her passion most of her life. After working and training in a Naples, FL Spa she decided to move to MAC cosmetics company and learn their techniques and products. Her true passion comes from making women feel beautiful, so last year she decided to go out on her own as a freelance makeup artist and skincare professional, not only doing weddings, photo shoots, magazines, runway and company events, but also personal cosmetic concierge work. Jessica Perretti is dedicated to making your special event an unforgettable experience and always leaves her clients with a smile on their face :).

Jessica can be emailed directly via this link.

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