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The 2009 MOST of the Year for World News: Iran

2009 seems to be the year of Iran, as such this nation is our selection for the Most of 2009: World News. Iran has been such a prominent story for the entire year, appearing to play a game of political/strategic/nuclear chicken with the rest of the globe and even its own people, and it appears that by most relevant accounts Iran is way ahead, much to the dismay of the West, and in particular the United States and Israel.

A few of the highlights surrounding Iran in 2009:

    Iran’s involvement in pretty much all things Middle East including Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, the Palestinians, Israel, and most recently much to Saudi Arabia’s dismay Yemen.
    The Iranian election, the subsequent massacre of Iranian students including Neda, the brutal repression of the protesters, followed by silence from the rest of the world.
    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: This man has proven to be a very shrewd manipulator of the press working largely on the premise that any press is good press. Ahmadinejad has repeatedly expressed Iran’s right to possess nuclear technology and capacity while also continuously calling for the destruction of the State of Israel.
    The arms shipment intercepted by the Israelis.
    The second secret nuclear facility was probably the biggest event of the year regarding Iran. The purpose of this facility, buried deep within a mountain remains to be seen, but given the relatively small size of the facility, the only purpose for this facility seems to be military.
    The UN & ElBaradei – the former UN Nuclear Watch Dog Chief – still not sure what this guy actually did.
    The “last best offer” that the West, led by America has made and the repeated drawing of a new line in the sand by Iran. In case you’re not paying attention, there really does not seem to be an actual line.
    Russia and China’s refusal to take an aggressive stance regarding Iran, which puzzles the West.
    The 3 American hikers, a story which promises to propel Iran well into 2010.
    The call by Iran for at least 10, possibly 20 more nuclear facilities to be built on Iranian soil.

Sadly for 2009, based on the criteria the current Iranian regime seems to value, they similarly seem to be dominating the global chess board that we are all currently little pawns in.

Honorable mentions go too Dmitry Medvedev of Russia and Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.

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