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10 Things to Most Remember from the 2009 NFL Season

We’re very happy to be hosting our second Sports Themed guest list here at MostMost. For this list Peter Falconer gave us some of his thoughts on the NFL; 2009 has certainly been an interesting season and Peter has had a front row seat to much of the action as he runs a blog about the red hot (almost perfect) New Orleans Saints.

10 Things to Most Remember from the 2009 NFL Season

1. Devin Hester’s butt became an internet sensation after his pants got pulled down during a tackle against the Eagles in week 11.

2. Two teams started the season 13 and 0 for the first time in NFL history. Will a dream match up be realised come Super Bowl time? Watch this space.

3. Brett Favre answered his ageist critics by leading his new team to a Division Championship with ease making them one of the main Super Bowl contenders in the process. Not bad for a guy 40 years young.

4. 2009 will be remembered as the season that John Madden was no longer around to commentate on NBC Football. The great man hung up his mic and the NFL TV coverage has been the poorer for it. Sure Chris Collinsworth and Al Michaels make a great team but gone is the gutteral roar of the big man and NFL legend himself. He continues to be sorely missed.

5. The Detroit Lions are no longer the worst team in football. That crown can be shared around a host of teams who simply look like lost puppies at a the town fair. Expect to see changes in Cleveland, Oakland and Kansas City in the not too distant future.

6. 2009 was the year when two teams chose to compete with only one player each on their rosters. I am of course talking about the Steven Jackson Rams and the Joshua Cribbs Browns.

7. Chris Johnson reminded the NFL what a great back can bring to a team by threatening to break the 2,000 yard mark in a single season. If he breaks the mark he will become only the 6th player in history to do so behind the likes of Eric Dickerson, Jamal Lewis, Barry Sanders, Terrell Davis and O.J. Simpson.

8. The year of the great quarterback. In Payton Manning, Tom Brady and Drew Brees the NFL currently has 3 of the premier QBs to grace any generation. We’ve not seen an era like this since the early/mid 90’s when Marino, Elway, Young and Montana were slugging it out.

9. Jerry Jones continued to try to hide his inferiority complex by building and opening the biggest and most modern stadium in the NFL, and probably the Worlds, history.

10. The Buffalo Bills wondered why they had bothered signing up to play games in Toronto when nobody bothered turning up to watch.

Copyright © 2009 Peter Falconer

Peter is the author of a really great Saints NFL blog and given the season the Saints are having this year Peter’s blog is a must read for anyone wanting to get inside the head of a Saints fan. The site includes info on the Drew Brees chant, the latest Saints injury updates and much more. He sounds off about Saints players, the roster, schedule and stories all from the inside of his New Orleans Saints helmet.

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3 Responses to “10 Things to Most Remember from the 2009 NFL Season”

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  2. joe says:

    11. Aaron Rodgers is an elite QB in the NFL in his second year.

  3. no1 says:

    you lose all credibility when you give ANY basis to the thought that chris colins-worth-less is anything but shit. obviously you do not listen to his commentary. or the fact that you idolized madden for his years of insight and ignored his final years of futility and senility and confused collins-worth-less’s redirection of commentary to horribly calling the actual game and ignoring the concession stands as a step up from maddon’s final years.