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The 2009 MOST of the Year for Sports: Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods 2Sport is an area that generates considerable passion among both the participants and the fans, it is an activity which galvanizes communities and inspires greatness. While 2009 has had its share of such moments and stories, this year in particular has also been mired in controversy.

Tiger Woods is our selection for the 2009 MOST of the year for Sports and if we were doing MOSTs for the decade he would be our selection as well based largely on his dominance as a player. He is the most recognizable name is sports today, and possibly Tiger would have been our 2009 Most of the Year for Sports simply for coming back from knee surgery but following a car accident… what was previously a very closely guarded personal life has become a news story for virtually every angle the media covers. As a general interest piece, we as a nation have heard about his multiple affairs (rumored to be at 10 or 11) and have been reading about the state of his marriage and possibly even divorce, sponsorship is a big part of this story (so far he’s only been dropped by one company), TV ratings is another aspect, the fate of golf in general has been heavily covered, Tiger’s public persona, and of course the fate of his own game has been a huge item with Tiger most recently announcing he’s stepping away from the game for a period to focus on his life. At a rumored net worth of a billion dollars (with a ‘b’) Tiger is a true modern icon, and as this story continues to develop it is clear simply from the amount of coverage that this is the sports story of 2009

A close runner up is The NFL – as of this post, 2 undefeated teams, the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints are really blazing a trail for this season. The drama has been great for both of these teams – New Orleans is still a very heart warming story for a city in desperate need of great news, and the Colts this year following Tony Dungy’s retirement has just been phenomenal. Player of the Year – Drew Breeze or Peyton Manning? Both teams have had a number of close calls, and yet here they both stand undefeated – this really is great for their respective fans, and also for the NFL. As the build up for this year’s playoffs continues, so too will the drama, particularly if both of these outfits head into post season undefeated.

Another NFL story, again in the less good variety, would have to be the return of Michael Vick. Win at all costs.

In track we are at the early stages of witness a true phenom in Usain Bolt (by the way, his personal website is pretty interesting as well) the guy is simply spectacular and as his game gets better we can only expect to see more records get shattered. His performance at this year’s World’s seems like maybe only the tip of the iceberg – can anyone stop him?

Another track story would have to be that of S. African runner Caster Semenya – as of now she’s allowed to keep her gold medal won at the 2009 world’s, but coming out of nowhere to break a world record, only to have her own sexuality questioned has been a very hard story to watch. Where this will end is still hard to tell, as is her future as an accredited female runner. Her story was riveting and on a personal level her story really seemed to move people across the globe.

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