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The MostMost 2009 MOST of the Year for Entertainment: The King of Pop Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson's This Is ItWhat passes for entertainment in 2009 has broadened a bit with the addition of the internet, which has provided both talent and fans a direct one to one interaction, but a hit is still a hit, and a star is still a star.

MostMost has selected as the Most for 2009: Entertainment the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. While the hype and drama leading up to the concert was certainly building, following Michael Jackson’s passing the hysteria was deafening. So much so that the term “Michael Jackson” was the most searched term for 2009 at search engines Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Every aspect of this event has been a major story including TMZ being the first to publicly run with the story, the concert footage, the movie, the fans, the , the Jackson family, Michael’s kids, who controls the estate, the value of the estate, the controversy that has surrounded Michael Jackson for years, and of course Michael’s own very strange lifestyle. Somehow from Michael Jackson’s humble beginnings he managed to transform himself into a true cultural icon, creating a defining sound and dance architecture. His passing easily is the Most in Entertainment for 2009.

And yes, 2009 was certainly filled with a number of other notables as well, the highlights of which in our estimation would be as follows, in no particular order:

Susan Boyle – this lady performed on the British Show ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, and really came out of nowhere. Her story seems to have inspired people across the globe, and her recently released eclectic album has dominated the charts.

Taylor Swift, with a nod to Kayne West. The MTV Awards really seemed to kick start the general public awareness of this artist, but Taylor Swift has gone on to dominate all the music award shows for 2009. This young lady is likely here to stay.

Lady Gaga. Her video for ‘Bad Romance’ is both captivating and also a huge hit on YouTube with 33 Million views at the time of this post. She seems to have taken the torch held by Madonna, and Lady Gaga is likely here to stay – 2009 seems to have served as the year of her official arrival, and yes, she has also been huge in terms of Google search, coming in at #7.

‘New Moon’, the second in the ‘Twilight’ series based on the Stephanie Meyers novels also been huge in 2009, and this movie franchise promises to deliver well into the future.

‘Avatar’ by James Cameron – while it’s still too early to tell where this movie is going, ‘Avatar’ makes the list mainly due to the fact that it has a great shot at being the story for 2010 considering all the press and great buzz proceed the films release – Cameron has a real eye for creating cultural events so we’ll see if Avatar ascends to ‘Titanic’ levels.

If there is one thing that 2009 has taught us in terms of Entertainment, it seems to be that your really never know where things will come from, and that ultimately is the beauty of show business, and that’s what keeps us all coming back for more.

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