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The MostMost 2009 Most of the Year for Science & Technology: Water on the Moon

Technology has truly transformed the way many of us live our lives, particularly today where so many technological advances are really geared towards the individual user, and in turn many technological advances have served to further the cause of science, and 2009 was a wonderful year for both. While at times it might have felt a little hard for scientific developments to get the press they might be have deserved, technology really shined in large part due to the sheer sexiness of the image masters at Apple, the magnitude of Google, the continued persistence of Microsoft and the “it factor” of social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

That said, in our humble estimation, MostMost is proud to announce as our 2009 Most of Science & Technology the Discovery of Water on the Moon. The potential for this discovery is absolutely mind boggling in terms of what this will mean for humanity – granted many of the resulting breakthroughs will take place well after the readers of this post have left the planet. Water, a key building block for all known life forms and a necessity for human survival being found on the moon taken to a logical extension likely means that at some point people will be on the moon. We’re hard pressed to find any item from 2009 that will have this sort of long term impact on our species, and based on this criteria alone the discovery is our selection for 2009.

On the science side a runner up would have to be the Large Hadron Collider, and hopefully somebody can actually explain what that thing actually does once it becomes fully operational, assuming that will ever happen.

On the technology side it would seem that Apple and the iPhone were the big story – while this device premiered in 2007, it seems that this year it really came into its own with the App Store seemingly overnight becoming the most important virtual place to see and be seen. We’ll see if Google’s Android has us singing another tune in 2010.

In terms of “Search” there were a series of upstarts the faded fast including the fabled WolframAlpha, and of course Bing has arrived, but as a company Google still rules the roost both in terms of Search and also in capturing mindshare of the everyday web user – GoogleWave is a story that is just ramping up, but yes, despite now being 10, Google is still a dominant player and certainly one worth an honorable mention – Google’s 10th Birthday was a serious contender to take this category as well.

The environment is also worth mentioning, although how exactly this story will play out remains to be seen. Somehow in the midst of all the other global crises circling the world it appears mother earth will have to wait for another day before we determine she needs to be treated a little better. The Green Tech revolution might ultimately be the story of 2011.

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