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MostMost’s 2009 Most of the Year for The Web Goes to Twitter

Twitter LogoThe internet continues to flex its muscle, further solidifying its role in all our lives. What the internet looks like continues to evolve offering us all considerable promise for the future, but the web of 2009 seems to be more focused on technology over content. Sharing and social networking are certainly dominant themes for 2009, and we’re likely at the tip of this iceberg as users continue to assert more control over their digital destiny. While once dominant MySpace no longer reigns supreme thanks to young upstart Facebook (“unfriend” is the word of the year according to the Oxford Dictionary), Twitter has been the story of the year – by far.

While news around Twitter had been building all year, the election in Iran, and subsequent turmoil really seemed to establish Twitter not as an upstart, but rather as a dominant player on the Web. Fail Whales be damned, MostMost is very pleased to acknowledge Twitter as 2009’s Most of the Web. The site continues to impress, to grow, to mature and Twitter has established itself as a core element in some many people’s lives, becoming the go to source for both breaking stories and also for what is happening “out there”.

On the content side, a great honorable mention goes to United Breaks Guitars by Dave Carroll, this was one of those weird, funny stories that really took on a life of its own, and the evolution of this story speaks very much to the viral power the internet potentially has to offer. Fred on YouTube is another one worth mentioning – this helium induced teenager seems to have struck lighting in a bottle, repeatedly. Lady Gaga is another big one, and I suspect she’ll be with us for a long time.

On the technology side, Digg continue to remain extremely vibrant, as does Hulu, and of course the Apple Store with its wide array of iPhone apps.

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One Response to “MostMost’s 2009 Most of the Year for The Web Goes to Twitter”

  1. David Gadarian says:

    It turns out Fred is making a movie…..