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MostMost’s Most for 2009 Coming Up – MostMost Publicity Release

MostMostSafeSqaure2009 certainly has been both a very interesting and a very challenging year, and here at the home base, MostMost has lived that reality as well. While I’ll save the details of where I think the site is and has been for another post (“State of the Most”), I can with great confidence say that from my perch here in my kitchen, having run this site for a while now I have been very active in following a great number of stories. With that as a backdrop, I am very happy to announce that during the upcoming weeks MostMost is going to make a series of announcements regarding the site’s selections for the MOST for 2009 regarding each of our categories:

US News
World News
Business News
Technology Science
The Web

While there were no set criteria for each selection, some of the thinking involved a review of how newsworthy each story was, a look at the overall impact each story had within its respective field, a look at how big a story was outside of its immediate area, as well as a look at how big an impact each story might have on the future of its respective area.

This selection process has both been a challenge and also a great deal of fun to undertake, and of course as each selection is announced we’ll look forward to your feedback, criticism and of course alternate suggestions.

Hopefully 2009 has found you all well.


David Gadarian
Founder of MostMost

PS – I think this qualifies as the site’s first official Press Release!

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