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Ten Most Unlikely Things To Happen During The Remainder of the 2009 NFL Season

NFL LogoWe’re very happy to be hosting our first Sports Themed guest list here at MostMost. For this list Peter Falconer gave us some of his thoughts on the NFL; 2009 has certainly been an interesting season and Peter has had a front row seat to much of the action as he runs a blog about the red hot New Orleans Saints.

Ten most unlikely things to happen during the remainder of the 2009 NFL season:

1. Al Davis to accept he doesn’t know what he’s doing and to sell up the Raiders franchise

2. Al Michaels to say ‘That JaMarcus Russell is right on the money with everyone of his passes’

3. Brett Favre to limp out a Vikings game with a paper cut

4. Deion Sanders to go one week without saying ‘My Baby’

5. Payton Manning to argue for and lead a Wildcat offense

6. The Cleveland Browns to win another game

7. Chad Ochocinco to show humility when the Bengals make the playoffs

8. Drew Brees to be recognized as the best QB in the league

9. Troy Polamalu to cut his hair and remain healthy

10. Nobody to Google Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush ever again

Copyright © 2009 Peter Falconer

Peter is the author of a really great Saints NFL blog and given the season the Saints are having this year Peter’s blog is a must read for anyone wanting to get inside the head of a Saints fan. The site includes the Reggie Bush highlights reel and much more. He sounds off about Saints players, the roster, schedule and stories all from the inside of his New Orleans Saints helmet.

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