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The news never stops but sometimes we do. On vacation until May 16, 2011. Thanks for tuning in!


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MostMost Launched #PostYourMost Twitter Hashtag

MostMostSafeSqaureWhile the bulk of MostMost has been focused on the “Big” things like news headlines, the site has always been at least in my own mind a hopeful source for people to contribute and ultimately by focusing on all the individuals we could collectively discover where the MOST is. A MOST engine if you will.

A Big development for this little blog – this morning MostMost introduced a new Twitter hashtag #PostYourMost. The hope is that while the site continues to explore the big MOSTs, we’ll also begin to put a greater emphasis on the personal and even regional MOSTs that are having an impact on peoples lives.

Recently we also enabled Facebook Connect to comments allowing each person/group to bring their MostMost conversations not only to this blog but also to share the with their friends.

It continues to be an interesting run.


David Gadarian

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