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Earth Declares War on the Moon!

MostMostSafeSqaureOkay, so the title does read like a headline straight out of a 50’s pulp magazine and that is really the point. But the fact is we did launch two rockets at the moon last week in order to confirm the existence of water on the moon. A few weeks back another absolutely amazing lunar event transpired with the discovery of water on the moon. One would be hard pressed to in any way minimize the impact this discovery will have on mankind in years to come. Despite the rocket attack yielding limited early photo opportunities, we’ve just taken another massive step into that new frontier: Space.

I’ve read with great interest that now that water has been discovered on the moon the inevitable next question is how long before we’re up there? So where do we go from here?

Oddly I think one place to look for the answers is in sci-fi literature. The below events make for a great story-telling; and maybe these writers know a few things, then again maybe some of these guys smoked a little too much of their own product. So here are some of the possibilities of what could result from our discovery of water on the moon that the world of sci-fi has introduced to the world – apologies in advance as the attribution is spotty:

1) “The Cold War Scenario” Eventually we’ll establish a colony on the moon, likely that colony will have various components built out from different nations here on earth. At some point this colony will have an air shortage and likely it will come down to the Americans and the Russians – depending on what part of the world you live in today you can predict the winner.
2) “The Heinlein Scenario” A prison colony will be established on the Moon (reminiscent of Australia). All kinds of things will happen.
3) “The Heinlein II Scenario” Machines will at some point automate the environment on the moon – these machines will revolt, likely flinging massive moon boulders into earth targeting earth’s cities.
4) “The Pink Floyd Scenario” We’ll find all kinds of scary things on the dark side of the moon.
5) Humans will be modified to live in the natural environment of the moon (seems like a stretch but clearly it has to be put on the list). Eventually due to to much biological and genetic engineering these moon people will no longer be able to live on earth.
6) With the lower gravity on the moon, the moon will eventually be used as a docking stations to further propel mankind outwards into the universe. This one actually seems very real.
7) “The Scarce Resource Scenario” Some great fuel discovery will be made based on materials only found on the moon – naturally a war will break out.
8) Once the moon in fully colonized, the naturalized lunar citizen will chafe under the excessive taxation of terra (earth) and a war will break out – the citizens of the moon will be less well equipped in terms of resources but earth bound soldiers eventually move in (boots on the ground) they will find they are considerably over-matched by those who are indigenous to the moon. Eventually an uneasy truce will reign after much bloodshed.
9) “The Blade Runner Scenario” Eventually mankind will render earth virtually uninhabitable due to our own pollution of this planet, and the next best scenario will the moon – of course the moon will similarly be teetering on the edge on being inhabitable.
10) My own favorite, the “Thundarr Scenario” the moon will break in half, tumbling down on earth, and the result will be some sort of toxic fallout that will cause all kinds of mutations and magical abilities among the remaining earthlings and chaos will reign.

Like I said, all you need to do is read a little science fiction and you’ll find answers to everything or maybe not, but I know one thing for sure – I’ve had a great deal of fun with this post. In all seriousness though, I think the discovery of water is an epic MOST that will serve as the bridge to some truly amazing things – fingers crossed and wishing us all luck – let’s hope we don’t blow it.

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