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MOST Important Things To Do To Avoid The Flu While Pregnant

MostMostSafeSqaureWith all the mention of Swine Flu this year, the timing of this list seems to make sense; This list is provided by Doula Angelita, a doula/parenting coach/nutrition guide/women’s issue advocate based in beautiful, sunny downtown San Jose!

Talk to your health care provider about any measures that you need/want to take to reduce you/your baby’s risk.

Keep hydrated. Water is cleansing and a moist, cool environment does not harbour germs.

Take your prenatal every day. Your body needs all the help it can get to be as strong as possible during your pregnancy.

Have a flu shot ASAP. The sooner you take even the “regular” flu shot, the better your body will be prepared to fight off infection.

Air out your house/apartment twice daily, once in the AM, once in the PM for 15 minutes each time. Stale air retains germs.

Limit the traffic in your home in terms of visitors; the fewer the number of contacts, the decrease in the opportunities for infection.

Pack a travel kit: hand sanitizer, plenty of tissues, gloves, extra plastic bag for used tissues, mask. Put one in every bag.

Checklist yourself every day; if you have a fever greater than 100F, cough, sore throat, runny/stuffy nose-STAY HOME.

Stay home if you feel run-down but have no symptoms. Rest and fluids can sometimes turn the tide if your body is on the borderline of illness.

Wash your hands for at least one minute, scrubbing front and back, up to the wrist. EVERY TIME YOU WASH THEM.

If you do get sick, stay home for at least seven days until the symptoms disappear.

Think positively: you are doing all you can to bring a happy, healthy baby into this world!

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