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The Obama Administration – Where Are We Going?

MostMostSafeSqaureDon’t get me wrong, I’m sure Obama is a good guy, but it just seems like the administration is a little off track right now. And that is in no way a criticism of any of the policies (nor an endorsement), but rather an observation of where the country seems to think we are, and most polls seems to back that sentiment regardless of any spin.

In part this might be the result of what has been inherited by administrations past, the most recent seemingly leaving us with a massive debt, 2 wars and an alarmingly high sentiment that maybe our own government is not here for the people. It might be the result of America finally coming out of the surreal haze of 9/11 and realizing there are other issues that are also really important that require remedy, or possibly there might be a little bit of agenda fatigue on the part of the public – too much on the plate with the chief item being the economy, but health care dominating the debate today, not to mention immigration reform, education (which oddly nobody is talking about) or gay rights which came and went.

Another issue that seems to be plaguing this administration is a seeming recent lack of being able to control the agenda, which is something the far right has of late really dominated – while I think everyone gave Obama a pass for the “first 100 days”, the past 60 days in particular have been a disaster in large part because a segment of the right has determined that an effective policy is to simply deny, refute and at times even fabricate in order to diminish the administration – unfortunately Team Obama elected to follow the main stream media and pretend that nothing was happening when in fact this vocal minority has effectively shaped the bulk of the domestic conversation during the late summer. We’ll see how Obama responds (five appearances coming up this Sunday, and Late Show With Letterman on Monday), but the joint session speech was certainly interesting, especially considering Rep. Joe Wilson’s outburst and even more so how a full 8 days after the speech nobody is talking about the speech but seemingly everyone is talking about Joe Wilson.

With the domestic turmoil there appears to be a great amount of “taking” going on internationally. The campaign of “Hope” has left many of us hopeful that the administration is ultimately correct in attempting dialogue, but it seems like the thugs in Iran have not only brutally repressed their opposition, but now we are going to reward them by sitting down with them – the Iranian press will have a field day with this, Venezuela seems to be emboldened to start an arms race, N. Korea continues to be N. Korea, Sri Lanka determined now was the time to end their own internal conflict, Afghanistan is a mess which apparently requires more troops, Pakistan is a mess that will likely require troops, China is making a global play with the financial reserves to do so, and of course Russia still demands their seat at the table and seemingly is on the opposite side of the U.S. on most issues. Not to mention the whole Israel/Palestine issue where this administration seems have lost face with both sides despite Obama having gone to Egypt to make that great speech (again, it seems like the mojo is gone there as nobody is talking about that speech today).

Of course there is also the possibility that this administration is simply wrong on a number of issues, and the longer this administration stands back on its heels, the more this line of thought seems to gain steam.

2010 is around the corner so we’ll see if we’re in store for any more change we can believe in, if the far right will continue to effectively use great defense to create offense, or possibly if certain hands have peaked too soon.

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