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The Ten MOST Common Decorating Mistakes That Everyone Makes

MostMostSafeSqaureToday Lauri Ward has provided us with her MOST list, The Ten MOST Common Decorating Mistakes that everyone makes, no matter what their budget, no matter how large or small their home may be, and no matter which decorating style they prefer:

1. Not defining your priorities
2. An uncomfortable conversation area
3. Poor furniture placement
4. A room that is off-balance
5. Furniture of different heights
6. A room that lacks a cohesive look
7. Ignoring a room’s focal point
8. Improper use of artwork
9. Ineffective use of accessories
10. Using lighting incorrectly

Lauri makes her living as an interior designer and the solutions to all of theses mistakes – which can be corrected in an hour or two – can be found in her first book, Use What You Have Decorating.

Also I’d highly suggest visiting her site for more great interior decorating tips and inspiration.

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