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Happy Labor Day or Is It?

MostMostSafeSqaureThis morning as I was updating the site I had this idea that I’d run a ‘Happy Labor Day’ story as the lead in the USA section; instead in the news I was confronted with a number of ‘Labor Day’ stories that were anything but happy, stories about the looming gloom, some of the history of Labor Day, and of course the big one was the decided lack of labor in our country these days including the 26 year high on national unemployment. There are also tons of stories on what Obama doing for Labor Day (speaking at the AFL-CIO picnic.)

There was amazingly little coverage on this being among the last days of summer, a great excuse for a barbecue or even about the amount of travel (likely because people are staying home.)

In contrast while I know people say that Twitter is all kinds of things included an emerging news network (it is), there are also the complaints that people are not really interested in what you are doing every minute of the day… except that it was nice to see that the leading term on Twitter this morning was ‘Happy Labor Day.’

Happy Labor Day.

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2 Responses to “Happy Labor Day or Is It?”

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  2. elano says:

    It’s Labor Day Weekend. Have a nice day!!