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August 2009 White Paper

MostMostSafeSqaureThe inaugural Monthly White Paper where we look back on the previous month and “award” a MOST for each category featured on the site.

US News: There were a number of big events this month but the ‘Station Fire’ in California is this Augusts’ MOST for USA – this fire is the biggest fire ever recording in LA County; this fire serves as a very powerful reminder of our own limitations and sadly of human frailty – here we sit in arguably the greatest nation in the world, and as a result of some lunatic starting a small fire roughly 10 days ago we are now still fighting this blaze having already lost two lives and having impacted far too many families. Other serious contenders included the Healthcare debate (likely the September MOST) which became very heated in “Town Halls” across the country and the passing of Senator Ted Kennedy.

World News: The Release of Lockerbie bomber Abdel Baset al Megrahi from Scotland back to Libya. Scotland claimed that this was done for compassionate reasons, and there was the heroic reception this murderer received upon his return home, but the big story was focused on if there was a deal made to assure Britain some sort of trade favor, which the UK has vehemently denied. His release has been the cause for much outrage and grief among the victims’ families and much dismay across the world as people attempt to reconcile the actions of Megrahi versus the notion of showing this convicted terrorist any mercy in his dying day.

Business: Cash for Clunkers. Team Obama seems to be pretty quiet on this one but it seems like this program was a pretty big success.

Sports: Usain Bolt strikes again; actually 3 times with 3 gold medals at the world games included new world records in both the 100M and the 200M. A close second would have to be Michael Vick.

Entertainment: Michael Jackson. Amazingly Jackson died on June 25, but the story continued including when is he getting buried (Sept. 3), who are the biological parents of his kids, what role will his parents have in executing his increasingly valuable estate, the homicide ruling and a bunch of other weird ones. With the MJ movie coming up soon maybe the ‘King of Pop’ is destined to be in our lives a bit longer.

Technology & Science: Google Vs. Microsoft. This battle has the hallmarks of a really great one and recently there have been some epic shots fired by both of these tech titans. These two titans have been at it for some time, but there were some huge announcements early in the month (late July as well) including Microsoft and Yahoo! announcing a partnership, the launch of Bing; Google’s counter-strike with Caffeine, Google announced a ‘Chrome Operating System‘ which is cloud based and will be free, and will augment Google’s free office tools including Google Docs and GMail. On the mobile side both of these players seem to be running a little catch up to Apple, but clearly with Android and Windows Mobile this is another arena where they are both going to try and kill each other although I suspect both these players will push a little harder in 2010 on the handset front. Still waiting for Google to enter the video game sector though (though nobody is talking about it, at some point it will happen…). Things move quickly in the technology sector, but all these ‘skirmishes’ put together in such a short period of time felt like the real MOST for August.

Web: There were a lot of great choices, but “The Death Game” on YouTube takes the MOST Web for August ’09. While the piece itself was very funny (warning the language is not safe for work and some might find the tone offensive) what separated this piece aside from being one of the MOST Viewed on YouTube’s platform was the simple fact that there was a level of interactivity with this piece that I believe really made it a break-through piece, and also a huge development for YouTube – this felt like the closest thing to a glimpse into the future that I’ve seen in quite some time.

Thanks for making it this far… At some point I’ll implement a mailing list for this as well, but if you have any thoughts, suggestions or even feedback you know what to do!


David Gadarian

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