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“The Station Fire”; The Story That Keeps On Growing

Here in LA, we are constantly subject to all sorts of events, both natural (earthquakes) and man-made (riots and paparazzi) and while the news generally seems to feel a little bigger from LA, the Station Fire is one story that just keep growing; the latest from the LA Times says 122,000 acres have been consumed by fire already.

Certainly LA, and the nation have seen their share of fires over the years, the results are we officially have a “fire season,” but the “Station Fire” story took a while to build. First last week we had the Health Care Debate (which seems to have taken a welcome respite as our lead story), then in terms of LA fires there was a smaller fire called “The Rancho Palos Verdes Fire” which first captured national attention; this one was considerably smaller and fortunately was contained relatively quickly, but in terms of the reporting for a moment it seemed like we were done with fires. Finally there was the death of Senator Ted Kennedy which really dominated the airwaves starting Wednesday, but by Saturday, the day of Kennedy’s funeral the “Station Fire” was finally emerging in terms of its national coverage.

By Sunday it was clear this was the big story of the nation, given both the magnitude of the fire, but also sadly due to the loss of life of two firefighters attempting to flee the oncoming blaze.

Where is it all heading I don’t know but like all big stories we’re beginning to get all the tentacles including the loss of property, the destruction of dreams, the animal rescue, the by the numbers stats for fighting the fire, the breathing maps, school closings, the efforts to combat the fire,fire maps, and most importantly all the emergency information.

Of course there are tons of amazing photos with some really powerful photo galleries, like this one, this one, and this one.

Fortunately the local weather seems to be cooperating today, but predictions have this blaze lasting another two weeks.

This is one story every American wishes would die out.

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