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A List of Fun, Informative List Sites

  1. Listverse: Site bills itself as “Ultimate Top 10 Lists” and they might be right!
    As you might expect from its name, this site touts itself as “The Ultimate Top 10 Lists.” Pretty hard to beat this one.
  2. Forbes Lists: Some of the most newsworthy lists come from this magazine’s website, including the ever popular “World’s Billionaires.”
  3. Late Show with David Letterman’s Nightly Top Ten: Every night, all the time Dave comes at us with something new.
  4. TopTenz: This site has quantity in its favor. Tonz…of lists.
  5. Blogs Top Lists Section: In its dedicated “Lists” section, this site has broken down a variety of blogs based on various list criteria in a visually compelling manner. If that makes no sense, just check it out for yourself.
  6. Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed List: Smart, Powerful, and now officially well dressed – The Obamas are moving up in the world officially having made the cut for years best dressed.
  7. Listography: This site not only has lists, it also allows you to create all kinds of list of your own!
  8. The World Almanac: The World Almanac and Book of Facts has become the best-selling American reference book of all time, with more than 80 million copies in print. One giant list.
  9. – They’ve created a page filled with all kinds of little mini-lists focused on world – did you know Malta had the 3rd Highest Density of People in the World?
  10. The Book of Lists by David Wallechinsky, Irving Wallace and Amy Wallace. These guys wrote the book on it – literally the go-to place for lists since the 70’s. Also, the original book was initially banned by some public libraries.
  11. AFI’s Greatest Movies of All Time List – All Time Greatest Movie: “Casablanca”.
  12. The Modern Library’s List of 100 Best Novels: Sorted by both “Readers” and “The Board”.
  13. Time Magazine: This seminal magazine has created a special section within their website just for lists, and their effort is pretty impressive – certainly worth this list.
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